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Uploaded by Xinhuan
Uploaded Dec 18, 2008
Game Version 3.0.3
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tag v3.0.5
Xinhuan <>
2008-12-19 03:31:16 +0800

Tag release v3.0.5


Xinhuan (7):
      1c16bdd: Put a throtle on the UpdateBars function, reducing CPU usage to about 20%-40% compared to before, with no loss of threat updates (more savings when in a larger raid).
      1be205d: Clear the guidNameLookup table on zoning to recover some memory.
      dcf493f: Fix Omen getting stuck to the mouse if autocollapse is on and you moved Omen while you are in combat and exited combat during the move.
      18c0419: Set a player's threat to 0 (for display purposes) if the player's threat is less than 0. This occurs on Fade and Mirror Image, which gives the caster a temporary threat reduction of 410057408 (or 4.1m threat in Omen's terms). Previously Omen ignored players with negative threat.
      30e4620: Add LibStub to OptionalDeps, as LS/CBH external tags are no longer treated special by the packager (they are no longer in the -nolib zip).
      fc32721: Undo LibStub OptDep change, since it comes with Ace3. Update Omen's version to 3.0.5.
      7c60567: Omen will now remember its visible state when you log out (applicable only if auto-show/hide is off).

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