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Uploaded by Xinhuan
Uploaded Nov 3, 2008
Game Version 3.0.2
Size 223.10 KB
Downloads 203
MD5 14cf32cbe8b53150fb3c5ef128f0a65e
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tag v3.0.2
Xinhuan <>
2008-11-04 08:41:09 +0800

Tag release v3.0.2


Xinhuan (11):
      f8060ff: Fix error that occurs on changing Clamp To Screen option.
      c93f240: Update frFR from Pettigrow.
      97fea07: Update koKR localization from Sayclub.
      dbe3740: Update zhCN localization from ananhaid.
      c6d780f: Add option to change the Pet Color.
      0a91f77: Changed code so that we no longer create the LibDBIcon-1.0 minimap button if Broker2FuBar or FuBar exists as we have direct FuBar support.
      f82c78c: Fix bugs with "Hide Omen on 0 bars" option not working properly.
      d6f8ca3: Change default pet color from white-washed green to violet.
      2cc0892: Update TOC to Omen v3.0.2
      3310c42: Localize a few more globals after looking a GETGLOBAL grep pass.
      5f28000: Update deDE localization from Stanzilla.

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v3.0.2-nolib 108.02 KB Nov 3, 2008

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