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Uploaded by Xinhuan
Uploaded Nov 1, 2008
Game Version 3.0.2
Size 224.08 KB
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MD5 a795ce402bde64cee5f853abd3af839f
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tag v3.0.0
Xinhuan <>
2008-11-02 06:26:44 +0800

Tag release v3.0.0


Chris Heald (1):
      ddf28c2: Add bar animation queues

Hendrik Leppkes (3):
      60ff765: LDB and LDBIcon are now optional, however still packaged by default
      1b57bf6: Refresh LDBIcon when changing profile
      fb1d9f3: Disable the Minimap Button option in the config if LDBIcon was not found

Xinhuan (67):
      2275974: Initial commit of Omen3.
      4989521: Add initial configuration (just alpha and scale). Add basic slash command /omen.
      25f0e03: Add various autocollapse options.
      bee855e: Merge branch 'master' of
      cdaf14b: Add animate bar option to config.
      44c0aa6: Add Short Numbers option.
      b1dd4bc: Update FAQ.
      7f32140: Add LibSharedMedia-3.0.
      9895c8c: Add bar height/spacing options.
      a256497: Add bar label options (font, outline, size, color). Fix bug with profile changing.
      20a3f19: Temporary fix to line 660 nil index error.
      64e45ca: Use AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets. Add a ton of background and title bar options.
      89715aa: Add optional LibFuBarPlugin-3.0 support (if detected).
      7428e39: Add audible/visible threat warnings. Use LibSink-2.0. Fix LDB/FuBar related bugs. Fix list of events needed to trigger updates.
      3b22dde: Add class filters.
      ed04d0a: Add vertical grip to resize columns. Add Test Mode. Add quick right click menu to title bar.
      70336d7: Add table recycling, internal functions and code for TPS calcs. TPS not displayed anywhere yet.
      30d5b7c: Localize strings, correct grammar and spelling, fix close menu error, add hide omen menu item.
      61a6dc0: Add configurable TPS display based on a real time sliding window of the last X seconds.
      12fa795: Add deDE localization from Stan (Arcádia - EU Zirkel des Cenarius).
      b7888cd: Add Show Heading option. Move Show Classes config.
      7142aea: Add heading background color option. Fix vertical grip resizing when Omen's scale is not 1.0. Fix deDE localization file to be UTF8.
      9226280: Add "Show Only In Combat" option. Add "Use Focus Target" option.
      d183698: Fix threat updating on focus/focustarget units.
      04a1391: Add frFR localization file from Pettigrow.
      612b240: Add keybind to toggle using the focus target. Add esES localization from Ben (Aesyl - US Tanaris) and koKR from Sayclub.
      228dc6c: Add zhTW localization from Hekylin.
      3451a1d: Fixed missing localization entry for "Passed %s%% of %s's threat!"
      89d0250: Add option to color your own threat bar to a color of your choice.
      c3b683e: Fix VGrip1Ratio error that occurs when completing a drag and Omen incorrectly attempts to hide itself.
      c9b5042: Sigh at Windows. Rename localization\deDE.lua to Localization\deDE.lua
      07967b2: Add zhCN localization from ananhaid.
      ce9fc90: Update zhCN.
      40fb526: Update koKR and zhTW localization.
      06fab05: Add show threat values and % options.
      d91cd40: Readd Aoogah! sound from Omen2.
      120abe4: Fix Omen's overall alpha setting not applying on login.
      bf32177: Add option to not use class colors and instead use a common color for all bars.
      1eb3dbd: Fix bug which causes ghost bars to show when some classes are not selected to be shown.
      5845422: Add Tank Bar Color option.
      3f3d022: Add "Always Show Self" option to Omen.
      b05e63e: Minor optimization by replacing custom clearTable() function with wipe()
      8ff091d: Add Show/Hide Title bar option.
      9a5d065: Update koKR localization.
      e80209c: Remove some unnecessary SetPoints.
      be80f5d: Add Use Focus Target and Test Mode checkboxes to the configuration panel. Update quick menu with newbie tooltips. Compensate for SetHeight's floating point inaccuracy.
      5390a46: Add Show Aggro Bar option.
      f590855: Make Test Mode much more useful by showing bars of every possible class and the player.
      9225089: Fix minor issue where the TPS numbers are 1 pixel higher than the rest of the text on the threat bars.
      908f14e: Update deDE localization from Stanzilla.
      0ee193d: Hard embed LibDataBroker-1.1 and use it. Add LibDBIcon-1.0 external. Add minimap button option, default shown.
      f37af23: Update koKR localization.
      b5699c9: Fix Omen's FuBar plugin issue for right clicks to open the configuration panel interfering with library upgrading paths.
      3992eac: Prefix the name of the custom Aoogah sound effect with Omen so that LSM users will know which addon it originated from.
      14def8a: Rewrite Auto Show/Hide options to be more intuitive. Add option not to use Auto Show/Hide.
      1a4bd3a: Add an internal flag so that if the user manually toggles Omen's visibility, it stays shown/hidden until he next zones, join/leave a party/raid, or change any Auto Show/Hide settings.
      593c444: Add ruRU localization from StingerSoft. Fix deDE locale from being registered as default locale.
      0cc456c: Update frFR localization from Pettigrow.
      90990c8: Minor optimization and tweaks.
      e44f5c6: Add option to ignore player pets to display threat info on (Default: On). Yes, player pets have aggro tables too!
      10b3cf4: Add Frame Strata and Clamp To Screen options.
      ac4f06d: Big FAQ update.
      d842b85: Update koKR localization from Sayclub.
      9741c71: Fix a possible "table index is nil" error that can happen while zoning in Test Mode.
      717d351: Split FAQ into 2 parts due to string truncation. Update esES with new strings.
      4c7ae9b: Apply a whole list of configuration settings that were forgotten on changing profiles.
      16d3d88: Update version number to 3.0.0

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