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Uploaded by nevcairiel
Uploaded Oct 14, 2008
Game Version 3.0.2
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commit d18369834e7af792576e96861c9da2571e252348
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Tue Oct 14 21:21:43 2008 +0800

    Fix threat updating on focus/focustarget units.

commit 9226280a7f179a6a40fef81412592a669bb32a07
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Tue Oct 14 20:33:16 2008 +0800

    Add "Show Only In Combat" option. Add "Use Focus Target" option.

commit 7142aea5c6509b3f5a05ab0d1920730ce2e93943
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Tue Oct 14 17:10:21 2008 +0800

    Add heading background color option. Fix vertical grip resizing when Omen's scale is not 1.0. Fix deDE localization file to be UTF8.

commit b7888cdacaa6840bb725a0a6bd03435fd616e34d
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Tue Oct 14 14:32:28 2008 +0800

    Add Show Heading option. Move Show Classes config.

commit 12fa79546fb2ff99e0e18cead33d2966e9a6aa93
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Tue Oct 14 00:37:29 2008 +0800

    Add deDE localization from Stan (Arcádia - EU Zirkel des Cenarius).

commit 61a6dc087286abcac3a5f88e7f6c0b4a4f3bf495
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Tue Oct 14 00:23:55 2008 +0800

    Add configurable TPS display based on a real time sliding window of the last X seconds.

commit 30d5b7cdaa8163a97f13c4ba059e3d5ef4e26812
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Mon Oct 13 21:29:11 2008 +0800

    Localize strings, correct grammar and spelling, fix close menu error, add hide omen menu item.

commit 70336d726c0f5894a84aff459e8be0b05c390915
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Mon Oct 13 18:33:56 2008 +0800

    Add table recycling, internal functions and code for TPS calcs. TPS not displayed anywhere yet.

commit ed04d0a92d626349b73ca7b6ea267a0f93a1bf10
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Mon Oct 13 12:42:11 2008 +0800

    Add vertical grip to resize columns. Add Test Mode. Add quick right click menu to title bar.

commit 3b22dde87e199e0c09b56d1781a9fe8abb2155a2
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Mon Oct 13 04:33:14 2008 +0800

    Add class filters.

commit 7428e397a48bb559215b1e8d8b3b44c73546b57d
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Mon Oct 13 03:38:10 2008 +0800

    Add audible/visible threat warnings. Use LibSink-2.0. Fix LDB/FuBar related bugs. Fix list of events needed to trigger updates.

commit 89715aa3368a66a2be66d1a9cd648fad6ba6bd2e
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Sat Oct 11 00:03:53 2008 +0800

    Add optional LibFuBarPlugin-3.0 support (if detected).

commit 64e45cacbfabae3d97678d4c1d13abf2ea3c7d1e
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Fri Oct 10 21:26:49 2008 +0800

    Use AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets. Add a ton of background and title bar options.
    Note that LibSharedMedia-3.0 may fail to load if you use disembedded libs due to a LoD issue. Either edit the TOC of LibSharedMedia-3.0 so that it is no longer LoD, or get a copy of Omen3 with embedded libs.

commit 20a3f190195e2a827ff46f238a4683fb2bf50878
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Fri Oct 10 11:53:08 2008 +0800

    Temporary fix to line 660 nil index error.

commit a256497c81a00d909fd364b44db0ec2d6c8ca6e4
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Thu Oct 9 14:44:24 2008 +0800

    Add bar label options (font, outline, size, color). Fix bug with profile changing.

commit 9895c8c1ca8126617e9eb0e419cc0dd34ef70434
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Thu Oct 9 03:14:31 2008 +0800

    Add bar height/spacing options.
    Add option to lock Omen from being moved/resized.
    Update profile change function to properly resize and reanchor bars.
    Fix weird bar animation effect which occurs only when resizing Omen.
    Fix GrowUp option to take effect immediately.

commit 7f32140efa3b43839b6a24734ce318abe4123077
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Wed Oct 8 18:09:04 2008 +0800

    Add LibSharedMedia-3.0.
    Add Bar Texture options.
    Force optdeped libraries to load in the main chunk. This is because WoW no longer loads LoD addons even when optdeped, and only LoadAddOn() will.
    Reshuffle bar options in the savedvariables.
    Remove embeds.xml and move its contents directly into the TOC.

commit b1dd4bc092a710e727589bae835998d5a7c96ca8
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Sun Oct 5 12:38:07 2008 +0800

    Update FAQ.

commit 44c0aa659b2861a7ba1d3a436e7cc8628240ea88
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Thu Oct 2 19:15:19 2008 +0800

    Add Short Numbers option.
    Localize more of the config.

commit cdaf14bf3dcb7a43ee250143fff1f401a067bf29
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Thu Oct 2 18:36:23 2008 +0800

    Add animate bar option to config.
    Move animate function out to an upvalue instead of creating one per bar.
    Simplify some code.

commit bee855e0e85ad048b21fff91967588e8f850b3f9
Merge: 25f0e03... ddf28c2...
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Thu Oct 2 18:07:28 2008 +0800

    Merge branch 'master' of

commit 25f0e03c4ef2765b86e40c6609ee6f349244da68
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Thu Oct 2 18:07:09 2008 +0800

    Add various autocollapse options.
    Fix position saving bugs resulting from adding autocollapse options.
    Fix grip hiding script bug.
    Uncomment LDB launcher code now that config code is in.
    Fix OnProfileChanged code.
    Add ShowWith options.
    Add mouseover and mouseovertarget to raid scanning.
    Fix division by 0 percentage display.
    Add FAQ section.

commit ddf28c2dd5ea5d35d333e3201a6fc747179d1c53
Author: Chris Heald <>
Date:   Thu Oct 2 01:29:21 2008 -0700

    Add bar animation queues

commit 49895213a46f8d391d3f026899a8f26ddb3ef56b
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Thu Oct 2 11:20:58 2008 +0800

    Add initial configuration (just alpha and scale). Add basic slash command /omen.

commit 22759746a2e393dac052265308665cabd6ef4641
Author: Xinhuan <>
Date:   Wed Oct 1 21:30:47 2008 +0800

    Initial commit of Omen3.
    This has no config, no syncing, no parsing of combat log, and just uses pure Blizzard threat API and threat values.

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