Oak Interrupts Broker

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Slash Commands

Slash Commands


All slash commands for Oak Interrupts Broker (OIB) are accessed through the root command \oib, which is then followed by the desired command and its subcommands/arguments. All the commands for OIB are essentially debugging tools and shouldn't be needed for normal usage. If you are familiar with the syntax commonly used to describe to usage of *nix command line utilities you can skip the syntax description.


  • Brackets ( '[' and ']' ) are used to enclose one or more optional arguments
  • Braces ( '{' and '}' ) are used to enclose one or more required arguments
  • A pipe ( '|' ) is used to separate different options in a list of arguments, where you can only choose one
  • Italics are used to denote a value, e.g. a number or string, with non-italic arguments being predefined flags


  • filter { ranged | none } If the ranged option is given all ranged specs are excluded; the none flag includes all specs with an interrupt.

  • poll Polls the current raid group, removing anyone who is no longer in the raid group. Note that if you are not in a raid group this will clear the data. Data for raid members already being tracked should be unaffected (those players are skipped) and members not currently tracked will be added.

  • test Runs the test poll (polls the player).

  • debug [ level ] Sets the debug level; this causes debugging output/information to be printed to the default chat frame. The current maximum level is 5 and a level of 0 turns debug output off. If [level] is not provided, prints the current debug level.

  • dump { data | inspect | all } Dumps the requested data.

    • data Prints the the exported LDB dataobject.

    • inspect Prints the inspection queues.

    • all Prints both the exported data and the inspection queue.


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