O Item Level (OiLvL)

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Minimap Button isn't saved, Issue with SexyMap

#97 By  Forge_User_78888520

Created May 18, 2020 Updated Jun 25, 2020



i have an issue with the Minimap Button of "O Item Level", the button isn't saved in a new position when i relog or reload.

The Issue only happens when i use "SexyMaps", so i don't know if this belongs in here or i should get intouch with the other addon team.



Jun 25, 2020

I have to same issue but only with 2 or my characters, got no tweak for saving it yet...

They are using a "global" preset just like the other ones...


Edit: I made a custom frame entry with MoveAnything, it seems to stay in place for now:

/move LibDBIcon10_O Item Level

Edited Jun 25, 2020

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