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Bag item level updating

#95 By  Ryoame_

Created Feb 7, 2020 Updated Dec 21, 2020


The Item-level in my Bags is often not shown or shown incorrectly (Numbers and Colour (e.g. a Epic ilvl 445 item) remain after disenchanting/vendoring the item.)

Using Bagnon, ElvUi installed but ElvUi bags disabled.

If no ilvl is shown in bags, the only thing (i found) that makes them appear is going to the scrapper and opening the scrapping window.

Anyone else with similar issues?

Apr 2, 2020

I have the same issue, either the numbers do not show or they stay behind when I move an item or DE it

Nov 19, 2020

 I have the same issue, i just use bagnon with Oilvl & bartender 4, please fix this!!

Dec 21, 2020


After looking into it a little bit more, i found out that Oilvl won't update the bag(s) properly when using "Toggle Backpack" to open your Bags.

If you're having similar issues, go to Key Bindings > Interface Panel, and check if you're using a Keybind for "Toggle Backpack" to open your bags.

If Yes: Change the Binding to "Open All Bags"

or alternatively, open Oilvl.lua, go to Line 5927 and add a new Line with the following content:


		hooksecurefunc("ToggleBackpack",function() oilvlShowBagItemLevel() C_Timer.After(0.3, oilvlShowBagItemLevel) end)

Haven't had the issue with non-proper ilvl-display since i made this change, so if you don't hear anything from me from now on, this might be a solution. (or at least it will update your bags every time you open them, no matter which "method" you use to open your bags).

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