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Mechagon Punchcards and Banks

#88 By  CapTV8

Created Jul 24, 2019 Updated Jul 24, 2019


Hey Teece,


any chance to update OiLvL to show Item Level on the Mechagon Punchcards?  I know they're not "equippable" items and act more like gems, but it would be nice to see all your punchcards be treated like equippable items so you can quickly glance which card has a higher ilvl.


In that regard, is it possible on any item that has "Item Level" label to show it with oilvl?


Also, doesn't seem to work with items in the bank slots.  I've provided pics below.


(my bags - note punchcard and boots)

Mechagon Punchcards

(my bank - note punchcard and boots)


Thanks for your hard work!


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