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Version 5.01.00
* nUI sheds its "beta" status and goes live... /happydance * Split nUI into two versions... the public "nUI Lite" free version and the private "nUI Pro" version for nUI's supporters * Added linkbacks to nUI's new web site at * Fixed a logic error in the '/nui feedback' slash command that threw an error if a bad argument, or no argument, was given to the command. * Yet another fix for the agro logic to prevent complex hard loops (player targets a mob to targets a player to targets a mob who targets the original player for example) which continued to cause WoW lockups. * Added a new set of slash commands for the feedback system... /nui feedback curse /nui feedback disease /nui feedback magic /nui feedback poison These options allow the player to individually disable or enable each of the four feedback highlight types so that you can enable only those types you can dispell. By default all four types are enabled. * Fixed a logic error in the determination of who has current agro that caused WoW to freeze if any unit in the target chain was targeting itself (yes, an endless loop) * Added a new slash command '/nui showhits' which turns off the red/green background highlighting on unit frames when they are taking damage or receiving heals. * Fixed the rotation order in the unit frames to 25 man precedes 40 man * Fixed a logic error in the aura bars where the bars failed to resize when the target died or when switching to a new target that had no auras on it * Ported nUI 5.0 to WoW Patch 3.1 * Added combat feedback to unit frames... shows a red background on unit frames when the unit takes damage, a green background when it receives a heal * Added debuff highlights to unit frames... unit frame borders highlight blue when a magic debuff is on the unit, green when diseased, yellow when poisoned and purple when cursed. * Add agro indicator to unit frames... unit frame border highlights in red when the unit is targeted by a hostile unit in the player's target chain or focus chain if no hostile units exist in the target chain. * Greatly improved the hit and heal indicator update frequency in the battlefield minimap for PvP/Battleground play * Finally found and added a fix for the annoying invisible bottom bar Titan Panel creates. This should prevent that bar from interfering with the bottom of the dashboard * Added the slash command '/nui hud focus' which toggles display of the player's focus on and off in the HUD. By default, the HUD ignores the focus frame and displays the player's target and target-of-target (ToT). Enabling this option will cause the HUD to replace the player's target with the player's focus if and when the player sets a focus. In addition, when this option is enabled, the ToT is replaced with the focus' target if a focus is set. If no focus is set, the HUD will display the target and the ToT as per normal.
Version 4.20.00 (Beta)
   * Fixed a layout engine bug in the pet feeder module which was throwing an error
   * Removed legacy scaling data from the saved variables file which was causing layout
     issues for people who have been around since nUI's earliest days

Version 4.19.00 (Beta)
   * Tweaked vertical scaling to produce reasonably square buttons in all resolutions

Version 4.18.00 (Beta)
   * /sigh -- it never fails... something always slips through. This update fixes the nUI
     config bug in 4.17

Version 4.17.00 (Beta)
   * Fixed a bug in the new cooldown bar where spells with multiple ranks produces an
     icon in the cooldown bar for every rank of the spell the player knew. For any given
     spell in the player's spellbook, the cooldown bar will now only display the highest
     rank of that spell that is on active cooldown in the bar.

Version 4.15.00 (Beta)
   * Added a new slash command '/nui hud cooldown' which toggles the display of the in-HUD
     cooldown bar on and off. When the bar is disabled both the spell ready messages and
     spell ready sounds are disabled as well. By default the cooldown bar is enabled.
   * Added a new slash command '/nui hud cdalert' which toggles the display of spell ready
     messages on and off in the HUD. By default, when a spell's cooldown expires and the
     spell transitions to a ready state, a text message is displayed over the cooldown bar
     while that bar is enabled. This option will toggle those messages on and off.
   * Added a new slash command '/nui hud cdsound' which toggles the playing of an alert
     sound when a spell transitions from on cooldown to ready to bring the player's attention
     to the fact that a new spell is ready. By default this feature is enabled when the 
     cooldown bar is enabled. This option allows the player to toggle that sound off.
   * Added a new slash command '/nui maxauras {n}' where {n} is a number from 0 to 40. This
     command limits the number of buffs and debuffs that are displayed to a maximum of
     whatever value is chosen. Setting '/nui maxauras 0' will turn off all aura displays.
     The default for the player, target, player's pet and vehicle is the maximum number of
     auras that can exist on a unit: 40 -- this aura list always begins with any temporary
     weapon buffs the player has and then is followed by the remaining auras starting with
     those that will expire soonest... setting '/nui maxauras 10' would limit the display
     the eight to ten auras that will expire soonest based on how many weapon enchants the
     player has.
   * Added a new slash command '/nui mapcoords' to toggle display of the world map player
     and cursor map coordinates on an off. The default setting is on.
   * Added a cooldown bar with spell ready message alerts and spell ready sounds to the 
     HUD... this new bar shows spells that are currently on cooldown with a timer. When
     a spell's cooldown finishes, a ready message with the spell name is displayed over
     the bar and a sound played. Slash command options are provided to disable the cooldown
     bar, the ready messages and ready sound.
   * Fixed a logic error in nUI_UnitAura that caused weapon buffs to appear in the player's
     debuff list
   * Changed the default location of the quest watch frame to the top left of the screen
   * Changed the default location of the achievement watch frame to the bottom left of 
     the quest watch frame
   * Added test for presence of QuestHelper and relocated the achievement watch frame to
     the bottom of the QuestHelper frame when loaded so achievements are not overlayed
     by QuestHelper.
   * Fixed a logic error in the nUI frame rate and latency indicators that left them
     active while the console was hidden
   * Fixed a logic error in the nUI_Movers module that would cause nUI to throw errors on
     login if the player deleted the ["MoverAnchors"] element from their nUI.lua saved vars
   * Modified DK runes to fade when on cooldown
   * Modified party and raid unit frames to only display (de)buffs that have expiration 
     timers... pally auras, DK presences, etc. are not displayed on the party or raid 
     unit frames as they do not need recasting and cannot be dispelled. Eliminating these
     auras from the party and raid unit frames reduces the number of auras displayed on 
     the unit frame and better highlights the status of buffs and debuffs that can and
     will expire or can be cleansed.
   * Added player and cursor map coordinates the world map
   * Added cursor coordinates to the battlefield minimap

   * Added time remaining on PvP flag to the player unit frame tooltip
   * Added a PvP flag timer to the unit frames
   * Updated German localization file (with thanks to Wavebow)

Version 4.14.00 (Beta)
   * Added the chat frame menu button back to the chat frame (for emotes and languages)
   * Fixed a bug in the button bag introduced by WoW patch 3.0.8
   * Modified the aura bar labels to support a fixed height and width to provide for 
     either word wrapping or truncation aura names that would overflow the space -- users
     who have installed nUI_AuraBars and are having issues with long aura names overlapping
     the aura timers will need to download v1.02.00 of the nUI_AuraBars plugin
   * Fixed a rendering artifact in dynamically sized aura bars where the size was not
     reset to zero when the underlying unit dies

Version 4.13.00 (Beta)
   * Emergency bug fix for users who have installed the new nUI_AuraBars plugin -- fixes
     a problem where WoW tries to create units out of the expected order causing some
     units to not be created at all and then breaking the unit panels -- this update is
     required only if you have installed and are using nUI_AuraBars

Version 4.12.00 (Beta)
   * Added a boolean "clickable" option to all unit frame elements and reduced all unit
     frames to a single mouse enabled frame and a compilation of simple frames to reduce
     complexity and reduce mouseover CPU load
   * Substantially reduced the amount of "garbage" nUI generates in order to reduce the
     garbage collector lag being experienced in Northrend and generally improve performance
   * Fixed a logic error in the HUD selector management that caused the HUD to fail to
     disable updates of unit elements on hidden HUD frames which would cause, for example,
     the Health/Power HUD to continue updating even when Player/Target was the active HUD
   * Fixed a logic error in the unit frames which was causing hidden frames to update
     their content which causes unnecessary overhead. Only currently active and visible
     unit frames are updated in realtime now as intended.
   * Modified nUI_UnitAura (yes... again!) to add support for backgrounds and heights and
     widths other than the size of the aura buttons themselves. Removed taint from unit
     auras, as well. Expanded the dynamic sizing capabilities and extended anchor logic
   * Added the slash command '/nui autogroup' which toggles on and off the automatic
     switch between the solo player unit panel and the group/raid unit panels when the
     player joins or leaves a group/raid or when the raid roster updates. By default
     this feature is turned on.
   * Forced the minimap management flag on for all players who are not using the optional
     nUI_InfoPanel_Minimap plugin -- this is being done because for some reason the "new"
     installs do not appear to have been properly setting this flag and many players never
     knew nUI moved the minimap to the center of the dashboard. For those who prefer this
     setting to be turned off, you can toggle it back off after loading 4.12.00 for the
     first time using '/nui minimap' -- it only resets your minimap flag once.
   * Fixed a naming error in the "Simple HUD" which prevented the casting bar from being
     displayed in the HUD when active.
   * Tweaked the out of mana (OOM) color again as it wasn't quite blue enough to be 
     obvious at a glance
   * Fixed a logic error in the hunter pet feeder data table that prevented the feeder
     from working correctly with non-Engligh localizations
   * Fixed language translation error in the German localization file that prevented the
     hunter pet feeder from working correctly in the German language (with thanks to Trashi)
   * Updated Spanish localization file (with thanks to José)
   * Updated German localization file (with thanks to Wavebow)

Version 4.11.00 (Beta)
   * Moved Interface\AddOns\nUI\AddOns to Interface\AddOns\nUI\Plugins to make it compatible
     with the installer (WOWI) -- note, after installing this update you
     can and should delete the directory Interace\AddOns\nUI\AddOns if it exists
   * Added cooldown counters to the in-HUD DK rune bar
   * Changed layering in DK runes in order to clean up border overlapping
   * Changed the location of the in-HUD global cooldown indicator slighty to improve cast
     bar visibility and to eliminate overlap with the DK rune bar
   * Increased the size of the DK runes in the HUD slightly to match the size of the
     casting bar (which is where they are located) and improve visibility
   * Recoded nUI_UnitCasting update logic to improve casting bar performance and 
     smoothness of rendering
   * Modified the HUD logic to make the player casting bar visible even when the HUD is
     faded -- the casting bar is now visible any time a player spell is being cast: while
     casting, channeling, hearthing, crafting, mounting, etc.
   * Modified latency tracking method to improve performance 
   * Modified the HUD transparency logic so that targeting a dead mob (or a ghost) uses
     the lower regen alpha level as the maximum alpha rather than the higher targeting
     alpha level... makes the HUD less obtrusive when skinning, looting, rez'ing, etc
   * Added the unusable action button color to the list of configurable colors
   * Tweaked color settings for action buttons that are out of range, out of mana (power)
     and unusable
   * Changed the parenting of unit frame tooltips so the tooltip always anchors to the
     base of the unit frame rather than the individual elements of the unit frame. This
     makes the tooltip have a single anchor point while the mouse is inside the unit
     frame rather than moving as the mouse enters and leaves the elements of the frame.
   * Fixed a logic error in nUI_UnitPortrait that caused portraits not to update when
     the portrait changed after the first time the unit was viewed
   * Fixed a logic error in nUI_UnitPortrait that caused the portraits to ignore changes
     in the enabled state of animation ( /nui anim ) after the initial login
   * Fixed a logic error in the player and target solo unit frames that causes them to
     be clickable and mouseover active in the player pet and ToT regions of the unit panel
   * Fixed a logic error in all unit frames that caused the feedback zone of the frame
     to be unclickable (typically the empty space in the unit frame)
   * Fixed a logic error in nUI_UnitAura that caused (de)buff icons to be mouse active
     even when otherwise hidden which interfered with unit frame clicking and world frame
     mouse interaction.

Version 4.10.00 (Beta)
   * Fixed a bug in the pet happiness indicator that prevented it from updating while
     your pet was being fed
   * Removed the profiling method calls from all of the modules to improve overall 
     performance now that the FPS leak appears to be resolved. Given then number of 
     people who were having screen tearing issues with the simple memory accumulation 
     check, and the number of reports of continued screen tearing after that was removed
     in the 4.09.00 release, it occurs to me that the overhead of the profiling is probably 
     as high or higher, so people on slower and/or more heavily loaded systems should see a 
     performance improvement as a result. People on fast systems likely will not see a change.

Version 4.09.00 (Beta)
   * Added the pet casting bar frame to the list of managed UI frames (this came up when
     players were doing daily quests on vehicles such as at Wyrmrest where the "vehicle"
     used a casting bar.
   * Changed how vehicles are handled in the unit panels... move the vehicle unit frame
     from the mouseover location to the pet location since vehicles are treated as pets
   * Fixed a logic error in the in-dashboard minimap code that caused the minimap to be
     hidden when mounted on a vehicle
   * Added pet casting bar to the HUD for the benefit of vehicle quests where the vehicles
     have casting bars.
   * Removed minimum frame rate and maximum memory usage logic from the system information
     code (still remains in the profiling code) as it appears to have been causing lag
     issues on some computers.

Version 4.08.00 (Beta)
   * Completely re-wrote the nUI_UnitAura.lua module to address the longstanding FPS leak
     issue in larger raids.
   * Added minimum frame rate and maximum memory usage to the profiler and debug log
   * Fixed a logic error in the pet unit frames that caused the click-to-feed function to
     sometimes be unavailable for the pet unit frame which required the hunter to target
     the pet to be able to feed it.
   * Ported nUI to the new Public Test Realm release in preparation for patch day -- nUI
     remains backward compatible with the current live realms, as well.

Version 4.07.00 (Beta)
   * Changed the '/nui bagbar' slash command from an on/off toggle to a three state switch
     for on, off or mouseover. The new '/nui bagbar mouseover' option will cause the bag
     bar to fade out when not in use and fade in when you mouse over it.
   * Increased the button bag frame strata to move it higher in the stack (prevents most
     other frames from overlaying it)
   * Disabled the mouseover functionality in the DK rune frame so it does not interfer with
     targeting and other click-through functions
   * I've taken another swipe at fixing the talent browser logic... here's hoping it's 
     fixed this time (though there could still be issues in it)
   * nUI and DrDamage are now playing well together... or should be ~smile~
   * Added a new slash command '/nui combattips' to toggle display of action button 
     tooltips on and off while in combat lockdown. By default, nUI does not display
     the action bar tooltips while you are in combat to prevent screen hiding and 
     extra GPU load. Toggling the option on will allow tooltips to be displayed while
     you are in combat.
   * Changed the logic in the '/nui tooltips default' to entirely remove nUI from the
     loop when the default mode is set. Setting the mode to '/nui tooltips default' will
     now cause a console reload in order to remove nUI from the tooltip logic. This
     should resolve the compatibility issues with CowTip
   * Fixed a bug in the stance/shapeshift/aura/presence bar that prevented the button from
     highlighting when the active button changed
   * Added support for deep profiling of the entire mod... '/nui profile' toggles 
     profiling on and off. The setting is not persistent between sessions and detail is
     recorded in WTF\Account\{player account}\SavedVariables\nUI.lua while profiling is
     enabled. Toggling profiling on, off and back on again does not reset counters, 
     rather is adds to the current accumulated data for that session.
   * Optimized nUI table insert/delete strategy to reduce CPU load on busy tables
   * Updated Spanish localization file (thank you JSR1976)
   * Fixed a bug in the unit health bars that caused the bars to flicker and/or vanish
   * Fixed a bug in the keybinding code where attempting to bind mouse clicks threw an
     error on a nil onKeyDown() method

Version 4.06.00 (Beta)
   * Added integration with Dr. Damage to nUI's action bars. I have contacted the author
     of Dr. Damage, as well, and asked that (s)he add support for nUI. Until that change
     gets made in Dr. Damage, you can do it yourself to enable nUI's integration.
     Edit the file Interface\AddOns\DrDamage\DrDamage.lua and search for the line
       if IsAddOnLoaded("Bartender4") then
     When you find that line it should be located in the method DrD_DetermineAB... if so,
     insert the following code immediately before before the Bartender4 if statement
     	if nUI_DrDamageIntegation then
ABrefresh["nUI"] = nUI_DrDamageIntegration( ABtable ); ABdefault = false; end
     After you've made that change, the file should look something like this...
       if nUI_DrDamageIntegration then
           ABrefresh["nUI"] = nUI_DrDamageIntegration( ABtable );
           ABdefault = false;
       if IsAddOnLoaded("Bartender4") then
           local func = function(button) if button.Secure then return button.Secure:GetActionID() else return button:GetActionID() end end
           ABrefresh["BT4Button"] = function()
               for i=1,120 do
                   ABtable["BT4Button"..i] = func
           ABdefault = false
     Save the modified file, reload WoW and Dr. Damage should now work with nUI
   * Fixed a compatibility bug with FishingBuddy where FishingBuddy was placing a pull
     down menu in the nUI minimap button bag that threw an error
   * Fixed a major bug in the shapeshift bar that was causing taint in combat as well as
     FPS leaks in raids and key binding issues for rogues and warriors in particular, but
     all players in general
   * Modified unit frame and HUD health bars to shade gray when the underlying mob has
     been tagged by another player (same as the gray nameplate label but more obvious)
   * Fixed an update bug in the target of target logic that caused the associated health
     bars in the HUD and unit frames to not update

Version 4.05.00 (Beta)
   * Added ctrl-alt-right-click option to the action bar buttons as well as the HUD mode
     selector button, the unit panel mode selector button and the information panel
     button to set key bindings as well as key binding tooltips to the action buttons. 
     This change does not yet include the pet/stance/shapeshift bar.
   * Tweaked range to target calculation to try and correct for WotLK changes. Not clear
     if the changes helped, need more feedback.
   * Added the four group looting frames (need/greed roll frames) to the list of managed
     frames in nUI and changed their default location to build down from the top bars
     rather than up from the center of the dashboard so they do not interfere with the
     unit frames, etc. The location of the looting frames can be changed using the
     /nui movers slash command
   * Fixed a button layout bug in the pet feeder caused when the number of available
     food decreases
   * Fixed a bug in the pet feeder that would blow up the pet feeder icons and the spell
     in the first slot on the main action bar if the player accidentally dragged a feed
     item from the pet feeder to any place on screen or another action bar.
   * Fixed a layout bug in the party unit frame panel that caused the top right party 
     member's frame to not display their target
   * Added a new slash command '/nui hplost' which toggles the display of health bars on
     the unit frames and the HUD between displaying how much health is remaining and how
     much health has been lost. This option is primarily for the benefit of healers and
     is system wide for the current character when set... that is it affects all unit
     frames and HUDs for that character. The default action is to display how much health
     is remaining.
   * Added key bindings for nUI's button bag, HUD mode selector, unit frame mode selector
     and info panel selector. See the Bliz key binding interface for the new entries
   * Added automatic switching between player, party and raid unit frame panels when the
     player's grouping status changes
   * Replaced the original nUI stone dashboard texture with the thin gloss black texture
     as the most common complaint is the height of the dashboard and this texture has a
     smaller vertical feel to it. Those who prefer the original stone dashboard texture
     can download it from
   * Added the ability to relocate the nUI action bars via '/nui movers' 
   * Added rare spotting feature to unit frame logic. If you mouse over or target a rare 
     or rare elite mob, nUI will play a sound and print a message to the chat frame to
     alert you to the rare status of the mob
   * Fixed a compatibility issues between nUI and Carbonite that caused the map to flicker
     when the user selected a zone other than the one they were in

Version 4.04.00 (Beta)
   * Fixed a bug in the new key binding logic that randomly lost current key bindings
   * Modified action bar tooltips to not display while in combat lockdown... both as a 
     means to reduce screen clutter during combat and to eliminate a few screen updates
     during combat. This does not apply to the pet bar or stance/aura/shapeshift bar yet
   * Added current key bindings to the action button mouseover tooltip. (note, this applies
     to action bars only at this time... the pet bar, stance/aura/shapeshift bar and the
     possession bar will be added at a later time
   * Modified key binding logic to load nUI's action bar key bindings from the default 
     Bliz action bars at login and to save nUI's action bar bindings back to the default
     action bars at logout. In this way, if you disable nUI, your action bar key bindings
     will not be lost.

Version 4.03.00 (Beta)
   * Completely replaced nUI's key binding logic with custom code and added nUI to the
     Bliz key bindings interface -- nUI "should" pick up the existing key bindings for
     the built in Bliz bindings and transfer them to nUI's action bars if there are no
     key bindings already defined for nUI's new table entries in the Bliz binding table.
     However, some users may have to manually configure nUI's bindings.
   * Fixed a bug in the pet feeder logic that caused the feeder to not recognize a newly
     tamed pet as being a valid "feedable" hunter pet
   * Fixed a bug in the pet frame menu logic which prevented the right-click pet menu
     from functioning when you originally tame a new pet or when a lock enslaves a demon
   * Fixed a mouseover error in the minimap that created a dead zone over the bottom half
     of the bottom left and bottom right action bars
   * Fixed a bug in the '/nui framerate' command logic that prevented nUI from recognizing
     the command in the slash command processor
   * Added global cooldown indicator back to the HUD and player unitframes
   * Updated German localization (thank you Marcel)

Version 4.02.00 (Beta)
   * Fixed a minor positioning error in the possess/pet/stance bar frame
   * Fixed a logic error in the stance/shapeshift/presence bar which prevented the bar
     from being updated with the player learned a new warrior stance, pally aura, druid
     form or death knight presence
   * Updated the pet feeder food tables to include the missing BC and WotLK meats, fruits,
     fungi, cheeses and fish
   * Fixed an error in the login sequence that caused nUI to fail to load if for any reason
     the realm or player name was unavailable at load time -- should never happen, but for
     whatever reason does occur from time to time
   * Fixed major issues with key bindings when entering/leaving vehicles, Death Knight's
     (after dealth) ghoul form, etc.
   * Changed minimap button bag's frame strata to match the other bags on the bag bar
     for consistent overlay of other screen elements, etc.
   * Added Death Knight's runes to the player unit frames and HUD
   * Increased the size of the in-dashboard minimap
   * Changed the size of the single player mode focus frame to match the size and location
     of the party and 10 player raid focus frames and the size of the minimap
   * Added vehicle unit frame to player, party and raid10 unit panels -- the vehicle unit
     frame appears in the same location that the mouseover unit frame normally appears.
     If you are currently mounted in/on a vehicle, the mouseover unit frame will not be
     displayed in lieu of the vehicle unit frame. As soon as you dismount, the mouseover
     frame will resume its normal function
   * Increased health and mana bar sizes for 10 player raid unit frames
   * Fixed a bug in health and power bar logic that prevented either from providing smooth
     realtime updates for the player, player's pet and target (added in 4.00.00)

Version 4.01.00 (Beta) -- First nUI Beta 4 Public release
   * Fixed a bug in the '/nui bb' slash command that threw a secure frames error when
     executed and preventing the button bag from being opened and closed. Note: you 
     cannot use the '/nui bb' command to open and close the button bag while in combat.
   * Fixed a bug in the '/nui console {on|off|mousever}' command for German players that
     caused the console to not work correctly. The correct commands are now set to
     '/nui console on', '/nui console off' and '/nui console mouseover' -- nUI should
     fix your configuration file when you first log in with this patch, however, you
     may still need to issue the command to set the console option you desire.
   * Added a '/nui onebag' slash command which toggles nUI's display of the full bag bar
     on and off. By default, nUI displays the backpack, your four extra bag slots, the
     minimap button bag and the keyring on the bag bar. Toggling this command will shrink
     the bag bar to just the backpack, minimap button bag and keyring for compatability 
     with mods such as ArkInventory and other onebag type mods.
   * Updated German localization file (thank you Marcel)

Version 4.00.02 (Alpha)
   * Fixed a function name error in nUI_ReadyCheck.lua that was preventing ready check
     status from displaying in the unit frames
   * Fixed a logic error in the display of elite/world boss mob icons when switching 
     between multiple elite mobs which caused the second mob to fail to display the
     elite icon even when it was in fact elite
   * Fixed a bug in the action bar buttons that caused some buttons to be grayed out as
     invalid when they were in fact castable
   * Fixed a logic error in the nUI_UnitAura.lua which left aura buttons at partial alpha
     values when they were previously expiring and then refreshed with an aura that was
     not expiring
   * Fixed a bug in nUI_UnitAura.lua that attempted to set aura colors before the colors
     had been defined
   * Fixed the '/nui roundmap' bug which prevented the map from displaying the correct
     mask at login
   * Updated French localization file (thank you Khisanth)

Version 4.00.01 (Alpha)
   * Found a code solution to a WoW voice chat bug that caused WoW to thrown an error
     when you right clicked a party member unit frame while voice chat was enabled
   * Fixed scaling of the Bliz feedback UI button in the buttonbag
   * Fixed management of the TimeManagerClockButton in WotLK release
   * Changed spec browsing logic to be more strict on matching the inspection ready message
     to the GUID of the unit to be inspected -- this may or may not have fixed the problem,
     will require a lot of testing and feedback from users to confirm one way or the other
   * Fixed a nUI_UnitAura.lua bug that displayed the player's temporary weapon enchants
     (shapening stones, oils, poisons, in the debuff area on the HUD and unit frames
   * Fixed a bug in nUI_UnitAura.lua that caused player's temporary weapon enchants to
     not always update when added, removed or expired
   * Fixed a unit portrait bug which allowed the still portrait and the animated model
     for a unit to both be displayed at the same time under certain circumstances
   * Fixed a bug in the XP bar orientation logic which was blowing up the size of the
     rested experience bar on login
   * Fixed a bug in the dashboard clock that caused the clock to stop after a mouseover
   * Changed dashboard clock to use the alarm panel's "24 hour mode" checkbox to select
     between a 12 and 24 hour clock mode. Click on the location/clock panel on the
     dashboard to access the alarm panel. Removed the '/nui clock {12|24} slash command.
   * Added '/nui clock {local|server|both}' slash command to control display of the
     dashboard clock... select 'local' to display the local time, 'server' to display
     the server time or 'both' to display both local and server time together.
   * Added '/nui minimap' slash command to toggle nUI management of the Blizzard minimap
     on and off (for compatability with addons like SimpleMinimap) -- note: using this
     command will force an user interface reload
   * Moved the minimap out of the information panel back into the center of the dashboard.
     The minimap now shares space with the focus frame and is only visible if and when
     you do not have an active focus. Players who prefer the minimap in the information
     panel can install the nUI_InfoPanel_Minimap addon to recover the prior functionality
   * Changed the location of the mail button and PvP/Battlefield buttons when the minimap
     information panel addon is installed to anchor the buttons to the upper left corner
     of the panel for ease of access and to make them independant of the nUI skin in use
   * Changed the focus frame background in the player, party and raid 10 unit panels to
     improve the cosmetic appearance of the minimap in the focus frame location
   * Fixed click-casting support for mouse buttons 4 and 5 in unit frames
   * Fixed a fat-finger error in nUI_ButtonBag.lua which completely broke the button bag /blush
   * Modified HUD logic to treat Runic Power like Rage where regen alpha is turned off
     when Runic Power hits zero and idle alpha is activated
   * Modified the XP bar to fully hide the bar when the player has reached the max level

Version 4.00.00 (Alpha)
   * Ported Beta 3 to WotLK
   * Adjusted XP required to level for levels 60-70
   * Added XP required to level for levels 71-80
   * Added Death Knight class to unit frames
   * Added Runes and RunicPower to supported power bar types
   * Modified player and target health and power bars to provide smooth realtime updating
   * Added support for in-game clock and alarm to the location panel in the center of the
     dashboard. Mouseover the location/clock panel and click to access clock settings and
     the in-game alarm
   * Changed clock on dashboard to display local time only. Mouse over the location/clock
     panel to see the current server time
   * Removed support for MobInfo2
   * Updated British localization files (thank you Noble8)
   * Updated Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese localization files (thank you Ian)
   * Updated French localization files (thank you Khisanth)

Known Issues in nUI...
   -- WotLK issues still outstanding
   * When using the mounts that can carry vendors, the dismount button is not being displayed
     in nUI (note: until this gets fix, you can right-click the aura to dismount)
   -- generic issues outstanding
   * Add unit frames to blocked incombat tooltips
   * Fix faction watching to not auto-switch
   * Double casting a spell cancels the casting bar
   * Button bag "x" is not working correctly
   * If you remove a fubar top panel, the nUI top panel redraws to the middle of the screen. 
     It is full width and takes up about 20% of the middle of the field of view vertically.
   * Enabling the "Use UI Scale" option in the Bliz video configuration menu blows up
     nUI's layout and scaling. For now... just uncheck this option until I can fix it.

Known compatibility issues with third party mods...
   * Guild Event Manager is moving its minimap button back to the minimap out of the button
     bag whenever the player clicks on it. A minute or so later, nUI's button bag logic
     will see the button moved and return it to the button bag. 
   * Carbonite is having issues updating the directional arrow when the minimap and/or
     battlefield minimap is hidden in the info panel
   * Poison Pouch mod minimap button is missed by button bag
   * Alpha Map minimap button is not scaling correctly in button bag
   * nUI and Capping are not playing well... Capping's modification of the battlefield
     minimap is interfering with nUI's info panel management of the map
   * Titan Panel is causing an error when the bottom bar is enabled
   * Titan panel mouseover tooltips are not compatible with nUI's fixed position 
     tooltip option
   * not playing well with button bag

Known Bliz / nUI compatibility issues...
   * Right clicking a unit frame and selecting "set focus" taints in combat == this is
     a known bug since WoW 3.0.2 and is beyond nUI's control. Hopefully Bliz will address
     it in the next patch (or two or three or twenty). You can target the desired focus 
     and then type '/focus' to aquire a focus frame until Bliz resolves this issue.
   * Switching between windowed and non-windowed mode breaks nUI's textures and HUD -- this
     is caused by a known Bliz bug in their video driver code and applies only to certain
     graphics cards and video drivers. It is nearly random in terms of which mods it will
     impact... anything from very complex to completely trivial mods are broken by this
     bug but it is always mods that use custom textures. There is no fix. The only 
     workaround is to (a) avoid switching between windowed and non-windowed modes as much
     as possible and use '/nui rl' to reload the user interface when it gets broken. It is
     worth noting this bug affects Macs most often, but also impacts some PCs (such as 
     mine). This bug has been a round a very long time and no telling if or when it will
     ever be fixed.
   * If your mouse buttons 4 and 5 do not work for click-casting on unit frames, make
     sure your mouse driver is sending mouse button clicks and not key presses. You can
     do this by going to the key binding interface and trying to bind autorun to mouse
     button 4. If the key binding does not say "Button 4" or "Mouse Button 4" then the
     issue is your mouse driver or driver settings. Bliz does not support key-presses
     as mouse clicks directly and mods like Clique cannot detect key presses in that way.

To-Do List / Planned features
   * The 15, 20, 25 and 40 man raid panels are not in the pre-release... both because I am 
     not quite satisfied with them and, again, I'm trying to not have to fix everything at 
     once... make sure the core stuff is all working, then add the bells and whistles if 
     you understand.
   * Add character profiles
   * Add action bar profiles
   * Add key-bind profiles
   * Add an option to disable nUI noob tooltips
   * Add vehicle frame/mode integration to the dashboard
   * Death Knights need a timer for their pet expiration... should also have a ghoul timer
   * Add Threat Bar back
   * Add sorting of raid unit frames by raid group and class
   * Add font size options for Chat and Combat log frames
   * Add totem timers
   * Add audio cues for cooldowns, cc breaks, etc.
   * Add DruidManaBar type functionality to unit frames
   * Add 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 unit frame panels for arena play
   * Add Proximo functionality to unit frames for arena unit panels
   * Add durability, wardrobe manager, ammo tracker and gold tracker to console buttons
   * Add autobar style support for quest items, food/drink/pots, mounts, vanity pets
   * Add option to set location precision to zero decimal places on coordinate display
   * Add target marking tool a la LuckyCharms
   * Add recommended zone functionality to the location box a la FuBar RecZone
   * Add a swing timer
   * Automatic announcement of key debuffs in raid/party chat (i.e. chains of ice)
   * Loot management a la -- maybe?