nUI: Integration Carbonite continued


This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

You do need nUI core or nUI+ for this to work

make sure you have the up to date Carbonite addon also
All credit goes to xtrapwr

This adds a Carbonite Infopanel to the nUI system. It will toggle the Carbonite mini map on and off, allowing you to keep Carbonite snuggly in the lower right. However at this time the add on CANNOT move or resize the Carbonite window. You will have to do this manually, however you only need to do this once.

Also, as switching the Info Panel status does toggle display of Carbonite, please consult the steps for initial setup.

1) Download and unzip the nUI_InfoPanel_Carbonite(continued).zip

2) Move nUI_InfoPanel_Carbonite into your Interface/Addons folder

3) open WoW, and toggle the InfoPanel until Carbonite is visible.

4) open the Carbonite minimap (it will likely have closed itself) and shrink the size by clicking the lower right corner of the mini map and dragging up.

5) move the now small mini map into the empty Info Panel pane

6) align the upper left corner of the Carbonite mini map to the upper left corner of the empty Info Panel pane

7) re-size the Carbonite mini map to fill the rest of the Info Panel Pane

8) Congratulations, you now have Carbonite nice and neat in nUI!

Unfortunately I can only manipulate Carbonite using the publically accessable slash commands, so there is no automated way to resize and move the map into the Infopane space. If this changes, I will update this Integration


If you use the Carbonite world map and pull it up when the Carbonite Info Panel is NOT visible, this can de-sync the Info Panel if the map shrinks instead of closes after use, and you will get a Carbonite window overlapping whatever Info Panel was present. Fix this by manually closing the Carbonite mini map.


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