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Uploaded Nov 30, 2011
Game Version 4.3.0
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- Improved hack for 4.2 bug (they won't fix it for a looong time if ever):
updating info from target unit when switching targets
- TOC update
- SnD, Rupture, MS, ShSlam, BT now use fixedlen option.
- Enrage timer & Raging blow fading for fury warriors, Revenge timer, resetable cooldowns improvements
- Warlock config fixes by DagonX, Hungering cold id changed
- fixedlen & 4.2 hack bug, combo points bug, rogue config tweaks
- In 4.2 all unconventionally refreshing spells stopped generating SPELL_AURA_REFRESH event for combat log.
- Workaround for that (works only on target and player)
- Update for WoW 4.2 combat log changes
- /nrun swaptarget option
- Update for WoW 4.1
- drain soul bug fixed
- fixedlen, glowtime config options (not really used)
- special shadow orbs timer for priests
- minor config changes
- typo in paladin config
- set fontscale option
- set width/height bug fixed
(these features only configured for warlocks and priests atm)
- "Ghost timers"
- Priorities, that allow to make static timer order. Timers without them will be still sorted by time left.
4.0.1: shaman spells and totems now updated for cataclysm
4.0: stackcolor, small frame construcion fixes
4.0 beta1: rewritten. (while you may not notice)
Also updates for some classes. Drain soul plugin now merged into core addon.
Totems disabled.

2.9.5: mages, hunters, deathknights updated
2.9.2: Animations, Infinite Timers, Spell Activation timers

2.5.6: little fixes for paladins, hunters, warlocks. + localized spell names option

2.5.5: anySource and target options added. anySource = true means that spell appliacation/refresh from other players is tracked too, and target = "target" (any unit id) means that spell will only start a timer if you're targeting it. => Warrior's sunder armor, thunder clap, demoshout now updated correctly from other tanks.
Eradication, 4pc warlock t10 setbonus, crippling poison added.

2.5.4: nontargetopacity option + mb something else

2.5.3: update for dks. blood plague and frost fever timers now updating for current target

2.5.2: holy vengeance, tiger's fury added. bug with cooldown and buff timers with same ids (thanks to yaroot)

2.5.1: cot, cow, coex added, selfbuff/cooldown arrangement fixed

2.5: optimizations, cooldown improvements

2.4: Cooldown revisited, now correctly disables timer when cooldown is reset
removed corruption supporting code, now with refresh on filler spell it's not that important
config file design changed, now for dynamic durations there's special function field "init". typos possible

2.3.2: haste function improvements, horn of winter added

2.3.1: Added Dismantle and Envenom, removed Vampiric Embrace
Also some 3.3 enchancements for Affliction Warlock Corruption

2.3: Totems, minor stuff and bugfixes

2.2: Sync between UNIT AURA and CLEU
Commanding Shout added

Shaman spells

Hunter spells
Expose Armor

S'n'D probably not yet
Position reseting fixed

Drain Soul ticks plugin
Warlock pet spells
Mage spells
Paladin spells

Warrior spells
Core DK spells
maxtimers option to prevent spam from pestilence.