Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5


Oct 3, 2017

Owner: Soyier


Neuron is a macro-based action bar addon. It can stand on its own or supplement any other action bar addon, including even the default Blizzard UI.

Neuron is the continuation of the Ion Action Bars project, however, due to incompatible changes, your profiles from Ion cannot be directly used on Neuron. It is possible to go into your saved variables folder and modify the Ion saved variables to work with Neuron, but to do so is untested and I take no responsibility if you have a bad time. I recommend you just start fresh (annoying, I know).

Want to contribute?


Neuron comes bundled with four modules that can be used for a full featured action bar experience. These modules are optional and can be disabled, but it is highly recommended that they be used for the best experience.

  • Neuron: Menu
  • Neuron: Status
  • Neuron: Bag
  • Neuron: Pet

Theme Support:

Neuron inherits all theming courtesy of the Masque addon. Neuron has full Masque compatibility, and the theming options found in Masque are quite in-depth, not to mention the robust portfolio of skins made to support Masque. In short, you can make your bars look any way you like!


  • Neuron features an unlimited number of macros. You can create as many bars/buttons as you want/need per character!
  • Are you a keybinder extreme? Use the button storage area for all your macros/keybindings! No buttons on screen needed!
  • Are you a clicker extraordinaire? As many buttons on the screen you want where you want, when you want!
  • Macros the size of Texas! Up to 1024 characters in length!
  • Maul's unique mouse-over key-binding system - where the mouse-over binding system was born!
  • Many other of the favorite desired bar addon features and then some!
  • And, last but not least, MASQUE support!

Graphical Editor:

Neuron contains a graphical bar editor that allows for nearly endless customization to bar shape, size, orientation, and much more! Further, Neuron has neither the limitations on max number of bars nor on the max number of buttons per bar, as you might find in addons such as Bartender4 or Dominoes.

If the command line is your thing, all of the options found in the graphical bar editor can also be set using the below command structure.


Type /neuron alone to display a list of available commands, which are:

  • menu: Toggle the main menu
  • storage: Open the button storage area
  • create: Create a blank bar
  • delete: Delete the currently selected bar
  • config: Toggle configuration mode for all bars
  • add: Adds buttons to the currently selected bar (add or add #)
  • remove: Removes buttons from the currently selected bar (remove or remove #)
  • edit: Toggle edit mode for all buttons
  • bind: Toggle binding mode for all buttons
  • scale: Scale a bar to the desired size.
  • snapto: Toggle SnapTo for current bar
  • autohide: Toggle AutoHide for current bar
  • shape: Change current bar's shape
  • name: Change current bar's name
  • strata: Change current bar's frame strata
  • alpha: Change current bar's alpha (transparency)
  • alphaup: Set current bar's conditions to 'alpha up'
  • arcstart: Set current bar's starting arc location (in degrees)
  • arclen: Set current bar's arc length (in degrees)
  • columns: Set the number of columns for the current bar
  • padh: Set current bar's horizontal padding
  • padv: Set current bar's vertical padding
  • padhv: Adjust both horizontal and vertical padding of the current bar incrementally
  • showgrid: Toggle the current bar's showgrid flag
  • x: Change current bar's horizontal axis position
  • y: Change current bar's vertical axis position
  • state: Toggle states for the current bar (/neuron state <state>). Type /neuron statelist for vaild states
  • statelist: Print a list of valid states
  • load: Load a profile
  • lock: Lock buttons
  • (and more!)


Neuron is a continuation of the amazing Ion Action Bars addon started by Connor Chenoweth aka Maul, for World of Warcraft Legion and onwards. All credit for the bulk of this addon should go to him accordingly, along with SLOKnightFall for his maintainership throughout the years.


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