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NeedToKnow v1.0 by Nephthys <Drunken Monkeys> of Hyjal Inspired by DiscoDice

NeedToKnow helps you monitor important information without cluttering your field of view. You don't have to scan through all your action buttons or all your buffs just to check for those few most-important items. NeedToKnow provides:

- 4 timer bars for important buffs - 7 cooldown icons that appear when important abilities or items are ready to be used

You determine which buffs and cooldowns NeedToKnow shows. Individual bars and icons can be turned off when not needed. Cooldown icons can be set to only appear in combat.

For example, a rogue could set their timer bars to show Slice and Dice, Blade Flurry, and the Holy Strength buff from Crusader procs. And they could set their icons to show Blade Flurry, Feint, and their Earthstrike trinket.