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Uploaded by NephMakes
Uploaded May 10, 2009
Game Version 3.1.0
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MD5 08c04bef5ef1484279bbb9d40236050c
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Version 2.2 - Added option to show bars with a fixed maximum duration - Fixed an issue with targetoftarget - Added koKR localization. Thanks, metalchoir! - Added deDE localization. Thanks, sp00n & Fxfighter!

Version 2.1 - Updated for WoW 3.1 - Can now track spells cast by player's pet or vehicle - Can now track buffs/debuffs on player's vehicle - Added options for background color, bar spacing, bar padding, bar opacity - Fixed a problem with buff charges not showing as consumed

Version 2.0.1 - Updated for WoW 3.0 - Can now track (de)buffs applied by others - Added option to only show buffs/debuffs if applied by self

Version 2.0 - Added support for monitoring debuffs - Added support for variable numbers of bars - Added support for separate groups of bars - Added support for monitoring buffs/debuffs on target, focus, pet, or target of target - Bars are now click-through while locked - Reminder icons have been been greatly expanded in functionality and split off into their own addon: TellMeWhen - Cleaner bar graphics - Users of older versions will need to re-enter settings

Version 1.2 - Updated for WoW 2.4 API changes

Version 1.1.1 - Icons should now work properly with item cooldowns. - Reset button should now work properly when you first use the AddOn.

Version 1.1 - Icons will now show when reactive abilities (Riposte, Execute, etc.) are available. - Added options for bar color and texture. - Added graphical user interface. Most slash commands gone. - Added localization support. Translations would be much appreciated. - Users of older version will need to re-enter settings.

Version 1.0 - Hello world!