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Uploaded by NephMakes
Uploaded Oct 15, 2008
Game Version 3.0.2
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Version 2.0.1: Updated for WoW 3.0 (Wrath of the Lich King). Added option to only show buffs/debuffs if applied by self.

Version 2.0: Added support for monitoring debuffs. Added support for variable numbers of bars. Added support for separate groups of bars. Added support for monitoring buffs/debuffs on target, focus, pet, or target of target. Bars are now click-through while locked. Reminder icons have been been greatly expanded in functionality and split off into their own addon: TellMeWhen. Cleaner bar graphics. Users of older versions will need to re-enter settings.

Version 1.2: Updated for WoW 2.4 API changes.

Version 1.1.1: Icons should now work properly with item cooldowns. Reset button should now work properly when you first use the AddOn.

Version 1.1: Icons will now show when reactive abilities (Riposte, Execute, etc.) are available. Added options for bar color and texture. Added graphical user interface. Most slash commands gone. Added localization support. Translations would be much appreciated. Users of older version will need to re-enter settings.

Version 1.0: Hello world!