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This addon is to help your warlock manage soul shards, soul stones, health stones, fire stones, and spell stones.

It provides an easy menu to summon demons / pets; give buffs; summon players; and apply curses.



* Soul shard management and count

* Buff menu

* Curse menu

* Demon menu

* Create and use soul stones, health stones, fire stones, and spell stones

* DoT (Damage over Time) timers

* Buff timers (optional)

* Icon shown when unit is unfearable / Banish icon / Trance icon / Backlash icon




  • Bump game version



  • Add Incubus pet (no new icon sadly)
  • Smaller bugfixes



  • Improved some sphere menu code
  • bumped interface version



  • Fixed a bug when sphere buttons would close when entering an instance/using a portal etc.
  • Fixed using healthstones/soulstones during combat
  • Use healthstones/soulstones from highest to lowest available incl. improved hs variations
  • Fixed soulstone description to 30 mins in some languages (thanks for the hint ;)
  • Fixed demon buttons left click and right click with fel domination



  • Seperated auras and spell casts
  • Add all hs variations
  • Add soulshatter timer
  • Remove old timer button
  • Respect combatlockdown when entering world
  • HS button uses highest available hs first now



  • Add Soul Shatter button
  • Fix master stone casts



  • Add recognition for Master Stones
  • Fix for timer not showing when it gets only updated
  • Fix timers for spells that are only castable on self or friendly units
  • Add all Armor and Unstable Affliction to Main Sphere spells



  • Chat messages for spells should work properly again (<after>)
  • Add missing spells/abilities for tbc (ranks increase automatically)
  • Fix buttons for mounts Felsteed and Dreadsteed left/right click if available
  • Add Fel Armor and Demon Armor to button left/right click if available
  • Add soul shard destroy button
  • Add timers for demonic sacrifice variations (Burning Wish, Touch of Shadow etc.)
  • Fix timers not showing sometimes



  • Fix sound and graphics paths



  • Fix events
  • Fix stone buttons
  • Fix timers



Merge code from urnati:

  • Add libs AceLocale and LibStub
    • Add new locales folder, old one still required
    • Add new spell usage categorization
    • Add new button ui and management
    • Add new button tooltips
    • Add new spells for tbc (some still missing probably)
    • Not cleaned up, code is a bit messy right now

This version is not really tested but the buttons should work again. The config gui is missing options from classic era versions still.



  • Update version for tbc classic



  • Fix login flags, seems different on macs



  • Fix for <after> spell messages to work properly



  • Rewrite config ui
  • Rewrite chat messages and short messages
  • Rewrite timers, only graphic timers are available now but multiple and more precise
  • Created draggable anchors for mob timers and soulstone timer
    • Show soulstone cooldown and whether the target died
    • Add font config options for timers in \Fonts folder
  • Rewrite bag shard processing
  • Improved language switching


Please file any problems with the addon here or as github issue.




  • Make the center alerts respond to the Necrosis 'lock'
  • Banish 1 and 2 should be correct now wrt right and left buttons


If upgrading from a version older than 7.x please delete any older version of this addon before installing :





People experiencing issues with configuration settings or icon placement try:
Delete the necrosis files in _classic_\WTF\Account\<ACCOUNTNAME>\<SERVERNAME>\<CHARNAME>\SavedVariables\Necrosis-Classic.lua and Necrosis-Classic.lua.bak



  • This Necrosis version is based on the original code-base reworked for 1.13.
  • (c) 2005 – 2007 Lomig, Liadora et Nyx (Kael’Thas et Elune – EU/French)
  • (c) 2008 – 2010 Lomig & ArPharazon (Nagrand – US/Oceanic)
  • (c) 2019 – 2019 Classic update by Doppie
  • (c) 2019 – 2021 Classic update (rewritten) by urnati
  •      2020 - <tbs> Rewrite by kricklen
  • Licensed under the GPL v2