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Uploaded Sep 1, 2020
Game Version 8.3.0
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80300.16-release (2020/09/01)
  • Reverted 'Now icons ignore nameplate's scale'

80300.15-release (2020/08/31)
Cumulative list of changes since 80300.4-release
  • Now user can add multiple auras with the same name
  • New feature: display of stealable/purgeable buffs on enemy nameplates
  • Now spells could be deleted directly from the list
  • Added Shadowlands support
  • Now user can set glow type on per-aura basis
  • Added ability to select glow type for interruptions
  • Added 2 additional types of glow (WeakAuras-like, may be buggy)
  • Now 'Icons are always completely opaque' option doesn't require UI reload
  • Now icons ignore nameplate's scale
  • Test mode improvements
  • Minor performance tweaks

80300.14-beta (2020/08/29)
  • Test mode improvements
  • Now icons ignore nameplate's scale
  • Now 'Icons are always completely opaque' option doesn't require UI reload

80300.13-beta (2020/08/27)
  • Added ability to select glow type for interruptions
  • Minor performance fix

80300.12-beta (2020/08/27)
  • Now user can set glow type on per-aura basis
  • Added 2 additional types of glow

80300.11-beta (2020/08/25)
  • Minor performance tweaks
  • Added Shadowlands support
  • Added ability to setup custom size of purgeable buffs

80300.10-beta (2020/08/23)
80300.9-beta (2020/08/22)
  • Now user can add multiple auras with the same name
  • Options GUI improvements

80300.8-beta (2020/08/18)
  • Options GUI improvements

80300.7.1-beta (2020/08/17)
  • Options GUI improvements
  • Changed method to determine hostile units

80300.6-beta (2020/08/17)
  • Added blacklist for stealable/purgeable buffs
  • Now spells could be deleted directly from the list

80300.5-beta (2020/08/14)
  • Added new app, featuring display of stealable/purgeable buffs on enemy nameplates

80300.4-release (2020/08/09)
80300.3-release (2020/05/08)
  • Fixed bug with cooldown text position

80300.2-beta (2020/04/14)
  • Added option to separately enable or disable Blizzard aura frames on player/another units

80300.1-release (2020/04/08)
80300.0-release (2020/03/31)
  • Localizations have been updated
  • TOC bump

80205.0-release (2019/11/13)
  • Localizations have been updated
  • TOC bump

80200.2-release (2019/09/04)
  • Fixed bug in options dialog (border texture)

80200.1-release (2019/08/24)
  • Added "Enable all auras" button
  • Minor UX tweaks

80200.0-release (2019/08/23)
  • Now you can disable all auras by one click!
  • Now you can enable or disable spell by checking box in spell list
  • Localizations have been updated
  • TOC bump

80100.2-release (2019/05/14)
  • Localizations have been updated

80100.1-release (13.03.2019)
  • Added new option: "Show aura name when mouse is over auras icon"

80100.0-release (31.01.2019)
  • Fixed options GUI bugs
  • TOC bump

80000.8-release (19.11.2018)
  • Fixed another Blizz bug (#27, #28)

80000.7-release (09.10.2018)
  • Updated LibRedDropdown

80000.6-release (04.10.2018)
  • Added new app: highlight annoying mobs during Zul encounter

80000.5-release (23.09.2018)
  • Performance tweaks
  • Fixed bug with glow on permanent auras (issue #21)

80000.4-release (06.09.2018)
  • Now you can add spells by id

80000.3-release (13.08.2018)
  • Localisations are updated

80000.2-release (03.08.2018)
  • Fixed bug that breaks position of auras without duration

80000.1-release (26.07.2018)
  • Fixed old bug with spell id filtering

80000.0-release (23.07.2018)
  • First release for BfA
  • Minor GUI improvements

70300.4-release (24.03.2018)
  • Added M+ Explosive orbs highlight

70300.3-release (25.01.2018)
  • Minor fix

70300.2-release (17.09.2017)
  • Debug window improvements
  • deDE localizations is updated (thanks qlimaxmoses!)

70300.1-release (04.09.2017)
  • Fix for Skull Bash interrupt

70300.0-release (31.08.2017)
  • TOC bump
  • Fix for PlaySound

70200.6-release (16.08.2017)
  • Fix for OmniCC (#60)
  • New option: weak glow (General --> Weak glow of icons)
  • Now you select to show glow of icons if aura timer is less than X seconds (Spells --> select aura --> Show glow if aura's remaining time is less than)
  • Minor fixes
  • Localizations are updated

70200.5-release (27.06.2017)
  • Fixed bug with spell id tracking (2)

70200.4-release (26.06.2017)
  • Fixed bug with spell id tracking

70200.3-release (21.06.2017)
  • Now addon can check multiple spell IDs for each spell (you can enter IDs separated by any character except alphanumeric)
  • Added new feature: interrupt tracker (shows debuff icon if unit's spellcasting has been interrupted)
  • Localizations are updated (thx pas06 and 132kadun)

70200.2-release (27.05.2017)
  • Icon fix for defensive stance

70200.1-release (23.05.2017)
  • Minor GUI improvements

70200.0-release (30.03.2017)
  • TOC update
  • Added new command: /nauras ver
  • Added new command: /nauras delete-all-spells

70100.11-release (02.03.2017)
  • Added font/spell search

70100.10-release (26.02.2017)
  • Font selection has got a tweak (#51)

70100.9-release (21.02.2017)
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect icon display during raid battles

70100.8-release (31.01.2017)
  • Added esES localization, thank you Lawghter
  • Added ptBR localization, thank you galinhoo

70100.7.5-alpha (27.01.2017)
  • Trying to make HG work (3)

70100.7.4-alpha (27.01.2017)
  • Trying to make HG work (2)

70100.7.3-alpha (27.01.2017)
  • Trying to make HG work (1)

70100.7.2-alpha (27.01.2017)
  • Glow effect is more smooth now

70100.7.1-alpha (23.01.2017)
  • Added glow effect for icons
  • Editbox where you enter spell names to add now supports hyperlinks
  • Minor options GUI improvements

70100.7-release (19.01.2017)
  • When you are trying to add new spell exact name search will be completed first

70100.6-release (17.01.2017)
  • Added six new auras
  • Performance tweaks
  • deDE localization is updated (thank you pas06!)

70100.5-release (14.01.2017)
  • Fixed bug with own auras
  • Localizations are updated

70100.4-release (12.01.2017)
  • Now you can select minimum duration to display tenths of seconds (Options->Timer text)

70100.3-release (11.01.2017)
  • Minor fixes

70100.2.8-alpha (22.12.2016)
  • New option: now you can control aura visibility during PvP battles
  • Options GUI improvements

70100.2.7-alpha (15.12.2016)
  • Added option to display multiple instances of the same aura
  • Performance tweaks
  • Options GUI improvements

70100.2-release (17.11.2016)
  • Added deDE localization, thank you pas06!
  • Added zhCN localization, thank you yaoenqi!
  • Added option to show/hide aura on nameplates of allies/enemies (Options -> Spells) (Ticket #37)

70100.1-release (14.11.2016)
  • I'm looking for anyone who can help on translating NameplateAuras. If you are interested in it, please visit localization portal
  • Better OmniCC support
  • Added option to set auras anchor

70100.0-release (26.10.2016)
  • TOC bump

70000.44-release (12.09.2016)
  • Now all cooldown frames have public names, so you can use it for OmniCC custom group. Public names start with NAurasCooldownFrame

70000.43-release (29.08.2016)
  • Added option to show/hide auras above nameplates of friendly units (Options -> General -> Display auras on nameplates of friendly units)

70000.42-release (27.08.2016)
  • Small GUI improvements

70000.41-release (20.08.2016)
  • Added option to set absolute size of timer text

70000.40-release (17.08.2016)
  • Added option to select parent anchor for text

70000.39-release (12.08.2016)
  • "Always show auras cast by myself" option is now disabled by default. It seems too confusing...

70000.38-release (12.08.2016)
  • Added missing Ace3 dependency

70000.37-release (11.08.2016)
  • Fixed bug with blizzard's nameplates

70000.36-release (11.08.2016)
  • Fixed bug with sorting by icon size

70000.35-release (11.08.2016)
  • Added option to change icon border thickness
  • Standard spell borders were deleted

70000.34-beta (10.08.2016)
  • Now you can delete default spells
  • Now you can delete ALL spells (small square red button in "Spells" tab)

70000.33-beta (09.08.2016)
  • Database now is Ace3 database. If I made something wrong and you will lose your settings - I'm very, very sorry. If you're reading this - please make a backup.

70000.32-beta (09.08.2016)
  • Added option to always show auras cast by player (General -> Always show auras cast by myself)

70000.31-beta (08.08.2016)
  • Added option to show/hide auras cast by player (General -> Show auras cast by myself)

70000.30-beta (08.08.2016)
  • Added anchors for icons (General -> Icon anchor)

70000.29-beta (07.08.2016)
  • Small bug fix (#18)

70000.28-beta (06.08.2016)
  • New option for timer style: "Circular with timer". NOT TESTED. PLEASE REPORT ABOUT ANY ISSUES.

70000.27-beta (05.08.2016)
  • Added option to hide auras on player's nameplate (General -> Display auras on player's nameplate)
  • Added option to set spacing between icons (General -> Space between icons)
  • Now you can select custom border color for every debuff type (Icon borders -> ...)

70000.26-beta (04.08.2016)
  • Now you can change timer text color under some thresholds (OmniCC style: <5sec, <60 sec, or longer)
  • Now you can change stacks text color
  • GUI improvements

70000.25-beta (03.08.2016)
  • Now you can change colors of borders
  • Now you can change position of timer text and stacks text
  • Added sort method "by aura type + expire time"
  • GUI fixes

70000.24-beta (01.08.2016)
  • Small GUI improvements

70000.23-beta (31.07.2016)
  • Small bug fix (icon resizing)

70000.22-beta (30.07.2016)
  • New option for timer style: <Circular without timer>

70000.21-beta (30.07.2016)
  • Added experimental support for OmniCC (Options -> General -> Use OmniCC for rendering)

70000.20-beta (30.07.2016)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • GUI improvements

70000.19-beta (29.07.2016)
  • Fixed bug with sorting
  • New option: Timer font scale (Options -> Fonts)
  • New option: Stacks font (Options -> Fonts)
  • New option: Stacks font scale (Options -> Fonts)

70000.18-beta (29.07.2016)
  • Fixed bug with nameplates handler after reload

70000.17-beta (28.07.2016)
  • New option: Show tenths of seconds (Options -> General)
  • New option: Sort mode (Options -> General). More sorting options soon!
  • A lot of new spells
  • Bug fixes, GUI improvements
  • Default and custom databases are merged

70000.16-beta (27.07.2016)
  • Now you can add custom spell by its name
  • Timers are more precise if remaining time <10sec
  • Added new font for SharedMedia: TEX GYRE HEROS
  • Bug fixes

70000.15-beta (26.07.2016)
  • New option: Check spell ID (Options -> Spell list)
  • Spell lists are in alphabetical order now
  • New option: Default icon size (Options -> General)
  • Added button for custom spell removal :D

70000.14-beta (26.07.2016)
  • A lot of internal changes, a lot of bugs!
  • New option: Hide Blizzard's aura frames (Options -> General)
  • Option dialog is changed
  • Test mode is disabled. It will return if I'll find a way to make it useful
  • New option: custom icon size (Options -> Spell list)
  • New option: custom aura type (Options -> Spell list)

70000.13-beta (25.07.2016)
  • New default spells: <125174/touch-of-karma> and <115078/paralysis>
  • Standart Blizzard's aura frames are disabled now

70000.12-beta (25.07.2016)
  • Packager is stuck, nothing actually changed

70000.11-beta (25.07.2016)
  • Fixed bug: stacks have incorrect values sometimes
  • New option: display red/green borders (on/off)

70000.10-beta (25.07.2016)
  • Added red borders for debuffs, green for buffs

70000.9-beta (25.07.2016)
  • Added tracking of permanent buffs/debuffs

70000.8-beta (24.07.2016)
  • Fixed bug: texture cache now works independently

70000.6-beta (24.07.2016)
  • Fixed bug: addon worked unstable after first teleportation
  • Packager has released wrong version?

70000.4-beta (23.07.2016)
  • Fixed bug: after adding custom spell it doesn't appear on nameplates until reload ui

70000.3-beta (23.07.2016)
  • Max icon size is 75px
  • Added stack counter
  • Fixed bug with textures
  • Spells are centered now

70000.2-beta (23.07.2016)
  • GUI improvements
  • Custom spells now working
  • New default spells

70000.1-beta (23.07.2016)
  • Initial beta

70000.0-beta (23.07.2016)
  • Initial commit

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