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Game Version 8.0.1
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Supported WoW Versions


MythicPlusTimer 2.3

  • Added absolute numbers for enemy forces progress (optional, disabled by default)

MythicPlusTimer 2.2

MythicPlusTimer 2.1

  • Removed Loot / No Loot text

MythicPlusTimer 2.0

  • Update for WoW 8.0

MythicPlusTimer 1.7

  • Update for WoW 7.3

MythicPlusTimer 1.6

  • Add approximate enemy forces progress in the enemy tooltip (Database builds itself by killing the enemies inside a mythic+ dungeon)
  • Show best times for the current level and not per dungeon (optional, enabled by default)
  • Exclude "Surrender to Madness" from death counter

MythicPlusTimer 1.5

  • Show enemies percentage with 2 decimals

MythicPlusTimer 1.4

  • Update for WoW 7.2.5
  • Remove "chests" texts

MythicPlusTimer 1.3

  • Update for WoW 7.2
  • Object/Dungeon completion time is shown in chat (optional, enabled by default)
  • Shift + Click on the timer sends a time left information message to the party chat
  • Frame can be moved outside of a mythic+ dungeon now

MythicPlusTimer 1.2.1

  • Frame can be moved again

MythicPlusTimer 1.2

  • Update for WoW 7.1
  • Exclude Hunter's feign death from the death counter

MythicPlusTimer 1.1

  • Shows the completion time and your best time per objective (optional, enabled by default)
  • Death Counter - time lost caused by player deaths (optional, disabled by default) [Limitation: Does not count a death if it is too far away]

MythicPlusTimer 1.0

  • Initial Release