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The War Within

Blizzard removed the ability for addons to know the exact percentage of Enemy Forces cleared, instead we only get round numbers (1%, 12%, etc), this means the numbers will be inaccurate for now. There isn't anything I can do, but you can write to your representative write on the forums, that you want blizzard to change this.


Adds pull progress and estimate information in multiple places:

  • On the tooltip of enemies (will also display how many of the mob you'd need to kill to reach 100%)
  • On nameplates of enemies
  • In a compact text on your screen which displays how much progress your current pull will give you (both how large the pull is, and what % you'll be on after killing everything). This is calculated from all nameplates you are in combat with, so make sure you have nameplates on and are looking at the mobs if you intend to use this feature




Q: Can I disable one/some of your features?
A: Yes. All of this addon's features can be individually toggled and customized using interface options. Type /mpp, /mypp, or /MythicPlusProgress to open the config interface

A: Is your keystone actually active? Is your progress <100%? Is the addon enabled? Did you get any lua errors at any point? Try enter a dungeon, type "/mpp", enable simulation mode (under dev options tab) and see if the simulation does work.

Q: Why are some dungeon mobs showing up as "No progress"?
A: Some new dungeon or expansion was released, and I was too lazy to update in time :) feel free to leave a comment or github issue with the name of the mob and the dungeon

Q: How do I turn it on/off?
A: It's on by default. You can toggle it on/off typing "/mpp" and unchecking the Enabled box.

Q: I lost/can't find the current pull progress text!
A: You can reset its position to the default by typing "/mpp", going to Pull Estimate frame tab, and pressing the Reset position button.

Q: What do the numbers mean on the current pull progress text?
A: Current progress + Currently pulled mobs = What you'll be at after killing the currently pulled mobs

Q: How do I customize the addon?
A: Type /mpp, /mypp, or /mythicplusprogress; and you'll see a list of options

Q: I have an idea that I think would be a really cool addition to your addon!
A: Drop a comment here or on github somewhere, and I'll have a look :)