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This addon consists of multiple modules (tweaks), each of which can be enabled/disabled to fine-tune your experience.

Each module is very small and lightweight, and adds a simple QoL improvement.
This addon is not a replacement for various other QoL addons, but aims to add features that I haven't found in existing, well established addons :)

If you have any ideas for small modules, feel free to comment.
Current modules include:

Dungeon Teleports

This module adds clickable buttons to the dungeon icons in the mythic plus tab, if you've earned the Keystone Hero achievement.

As an extra option, teleports that are close to the dungeon, are added as extra buttons, in case you don't have the dungeon specific teleport. The alternatives are generally sorted by closest → furthest, left → right, and includes teleports to other nearby dungeons, mage teleports, engineering wormholes, and Dalaran/garrison hearthstones. You can enable/disable specific types in the settings

Show Own Rating On LFG Tooltip

Adds your own M+ score info to LFG search result tooltips.
The level is also greyed out if you did not time the key.

(In the screenshot, Your Overall, and Your Affix score, is added by this module)

Fix Leader Overall Score not showing on LFG Tooltip

Due to a bug in the blizzard code, the overall (ranked) score of the leader will show up for ranked PvP; but not the m+ score for mythic+ groups

This module fixes that issue

Improve Keystone Link

Keystone loot messages show far less info than normal keystone links. This module replaced the plain links, with links that include the dungeon name and level.

DungeonScore Tooltip fix

Fix the tooltip when clicking on a [Mythic+ Rating] link, to correctly show if a run was in time or not (fixes this blizzard bug)

Mythic+ rating tooltip

Dungeon Icon Tooltip

The tooltip when hovering over a dungeon in the Mythic+ Dungeons UI (in the LFG frame) shows the rating you've earned for specific affixes

Additionally, it also shows the map ID

example 1example2

Dungeon Icon Text

Changes the text on the dungeon icons, to show "{level} - {score}" on top (level is grey if out of time). And {affix level} - {affix score} on bottom for the current week's affix.

Additionally, you can choose to add the dungeon's name above the icon, either as full name, medium length name, or short abbreviation

example of the dungeon icon text module


By default, affix information in the LFG frame is hidden if you don't have any score, and no keystone. This module makes it always show.