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Mythic Dungeon Calculator


Mythic Dungeon Calculator is a Mythic+ Dungeon score tool, which lets you track all your Mythic+ progress in detail.

You can calculate all the scores for each Dungeon and Affix (tyrannical/fortified) so you will know exactly, which dungeon you have to beat in which time to get your desired points, either for the Keystone Master Achievements, to beat your friends or become the #1.


Additional Features

  • Track your own Keystone and the gained rating if completed
  • Track weekly Affixes
  • Don't know which Keystone to run next? The AddOn recommends one to you!
  • A list with all end of dungeon and weekly rewards
  • Track your weekly Great Vault rewards (and upgrades) for Mythic Dungeons
  • Track the Seasonal Achievements

Slash Commands

  • /mdc (open / close AddOn)
  • /mdc icon (show / hide minimap icon)
  • /mdc size (toggle small / big size)
  • /mdc debug (open / close debug window)


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