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May 23, 2006

Owner: Etarna

MyRolePlay is a roleplaying AddOn for World of Warcraft, originally created by Etarna, and currently developed by Katorie. It allows you to make a profile about your character that other users of MyRolePlay (Or other addons utilising the "Mary Sue Protocol") can read, both in a tooltip preview and in its entirety within the profile viewer. The addon is designed to be both efficient and lightweight, consuming the fewest amount of resources possible, while providing most of the features a roleplayer would desire.


  • Spot other roleplayers at a glance, see which RP AddOns they are using, and get a quick overview of their character in the tooltip!
  • Change your character's name and name colour, allowing for last names, titles, etc.
  • Change your character's roleplay race or class. These will replace your normal race / class in the tooltip, if you choose.
  • Tell others what your character is currently up to, using the currently field, and give some information on your RP details, if you wish, using the OOC/Other Information area.
  • Give a preview of certain aspects of your character using the "At a Glance" field. (5 icons / small paragraphs players can mouseover to see short bits of information). There's even a preview box so you don't have to open the entire profile!
  • Add an icon to your profile and tooltip that describes you best. (Maybe crossed swords? A cake for a baker, etc) Blizzard's entire icon set is available for use.
  • Add music to your profile, to give your character a theme! You can choose from any music file in the game.
  • Add a private note to other's profiles, that only you can see, and reference back to later.
  • Set your character's relationship status! (Single? Taken? Married? etc)
  • Mark your preferred style of roleplaying (casual, full–time, beginner, or a custom style…), or your status (in character, out of character, being a storyteller…)
  • Exercise your creativity further—describe your character’s appearance! Eye colour, height, weight - use the description field if you would like to write up something detailed.
  • Give people a taste of your character’s story, if you wish—add biographical information like their age, hometown, birthplace, and maybe even some tidbits of history to make people hungry to discover more by interacting with your character and roleplaying with you. Or hide others’ biography, if you prefer to discover that kind of thing through interaction.
  • Create multiple profiles per character, and automatically switch between them (if you'd like) when changing gear sets or shapeshift / druid forms. (Name the profile after the equipment set or form).


Editing your profiles

Bring up the Character Sheet (“C” by default), and select the new MyRolePlay tab underneath. Click on a field to edit it.


Alternate profiles management: + to add a new alternate profile, - to delete or clear the profile, R to rename it. Fields that appear dimmed out are ‘inherited’ from the default profile—simply select to Change the fields you want to modify from that.


You can change how MRP functions, such as enabling / disabling features or changing units of measurement by typing (/mrp options) or accessing it via the interface options menu.


Where can I see other people’s details?

When you mouseover someone who has MyRolePlay (or another compatible addon), you’ll see some of the extra roleplaying details they added in the tooltip.


Want more information about their character than the tooltip provides, like the full description or history (where applicable)? To open the full profile viewer you may:


  • Target them and click on the “MRP” information button that appears by the target frame.
  • Set a key combination in Key Bindings (under AddOns).
  • Use the slash command: /mrp show <charactername> or just /mrp show when you have someone targeted.

You can target yourself and view your own profile as it appears to others, if you like, and if you want to move the MRP button, right-click to unlock it, drag it where you want it, and right–click again to lock it in place.


Troubleshooting (Common Issues)

  • My profile keeps wiping / deleting itself / not saving changes

This is almost never an issue with the addon itself (or any addon for that matter). This most commonly occurs when the game is closed by force, or crashes before it has a chance to save data. World of Warcraft updates your saved information from addons when you logout or close the game (the proper way). Using Alt+F4 to force close the game, power outages, computer crashes, etc can all cause information to be lost. Usually, assuming you had profile information saved previously, you'll only lose what you've written since your last logout. 


**It is vital that you do not delete the "WTF" folder in your WoW directory without backing it up first if you wish to keep your profiles. This includes reinstallation of the game, troubleshooting, etc. Addons save their information here, and removing this folder WILL result in data loss.**


  • I can't read another player's profile, or they cannot read mine

At present, addons cannot communicate cross-server or faction (except for merged realms), unless you are friends with the other player. It's a technical limitation within the game that we as addon developers have no control over. MyRolePlay is ready for cross-server support if it ever is added. If you are not playing on an RP realm, chances are you will not see many players with RP addons. Try a realm with a high population of roleplayers, such as Moon Guard, Wyrmrest Accord (NA), or Argent Dawn (EU).


  • I updated to a new version, but the new feature you added is blank for everyone else

A new feature typically requires both ends to be using a version that supports it, and sometimes players can take a little while to update. Also note that MRP specific features may take some time to be picked up by other RP addons. I do work with the authors of the other two, however. In short, be patient.


  • A part of the MRP UI isn't displaying correctly or at all (or the tooltip appears jumbled)

This is usually caused by conflicts with other addons. Try disabling other addons and see if the issue persists. The usual culprits are addons that specifically modify the tooltip or completely overhaul the UI.


  • My issue isn't listed here and i'm still having problems

You can send me a message here on CurseForge (KatorieHooves) or use the "Issues" tab and open a new ticket. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. -OR- if you play on Moon Guard, or a NA realm, i'm often in-game. (Katorie - Moon Guard US). [Sometimes i'm AFK but i'll get back to you]


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