Last Updated: Aug 11, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


May 23, 2006

Owner: Etarna

MyRolePlay v8.0.1.421


Hello! Katorie here with more updates! This update focuses mostly on icons! More info below:




  • ICONS! You can set a custom icon for your character's profile and tooltip that other players can see when mousing over you and loading your full information in the viewer. This is also cross compatible with the other RP addons so you can both view and be viewed by them! Here's some details:

     Setup an icon by clicking the "I" button next to your portrait in the profile editor:



    You can view icons in both tooltips and in the profile viewer:



    If you don't like seeing icons in the tooltip, as always, i've provided an option to disable them:




  • Fixed bug regarding OOC field on tooltip character cutoff being too high. Tooltips should be a decent size, if not you can always disable fields appearing in them or reduce the maximum number of lines using the slider provided in interface options (/mrp options).

~* LAST VERSION *~ (Read this if you haven't updated in the past week)


  • Custom classes have finally been added into MyRolePlay! You can edit this field within the profile editor and it will display in your tooltip and when they load your profile in the viewer. ("Class" in the editor). (You can also disable this setting in options to revert back to showing the in-game class if you preferred previous functionality).


  • The OOC / Other Information field common to other RP addons is now part of MRP. You can use this field to enter information that is not related to your character itself. It will be displayed as a preview in the mouseover tooltip and in full within the profile viewer. (Should you not like this addition you can hide it from the tooltip via a checkbox in interface options /mrp Options).


  • MyRolePlay now supports cross-realm and cross-faction addon communication through You need to be friends for this to function. (Sorry, that's a limitation on the server side that I have no control over).


  • The profile viewer has been updated and now includes larger, scrollable displays for the Currently and OOC fields. This will eliminate the previous cutoff of long text in these sections.


  • The currently field will now properly word-wrap in the tooltip, so you can see longer ones that were previously cut off after one line. You may also now write multi-line currentlies as the editor itself has been redesigned to support this.


  • URLs / web links are now clickable in profiles. Simply click on a link surrounded by <> and a box will pop up that you can copy the text from.


  • RP names will now appear in whispers and party chat if you have encountered the character since login.


  • There is an option to show mouseover target in the player tooltip. (Can be toggled off in options)


  • A slider has been added to interface options to limit the number of tooltip lines displayed to your choice. Ranges from 1-10. This is to support the new fields being added to the tooltip. Some players can enter lots of data into these fields making quite a large tooltip. Use this setting to reduce that.


  • There is a checkbox option to automatically hide the MRP tooltip while in combat and revert to the standard Blizzard one. This is to help out raiders that are bothered by roleplay information in their way during raids, etc.


  • You can now view profile load progress at the bottom of the profile viewer! It will show what percentage of the profile has loaded along with the number of chunks received. This will give you an idea of how fast a profile is loading, or if it is loading at all. It can also return an error message if the profile was unable to be sent at all. Do note profile transmission rates depend on many factors, and RP addons have no way to speed this up.


  • BETA FEATURE (may be buggy): Colours are here! Custom profile / tooltip colours are now viewable as set by other players. I've also managed to get some *BASIC* colour support working in MRP itself from the player side, allowing you to set custom colours for your name, eyes, custom class, description, and history fields. (Again, this feature is very early in development and may be buggy). You will find the buttons to change them within the edit boxes of those fields (You must have colour enabled in options). "Change Colour" will bring up a colour wheel to select from, "Restore Colour Default" will revert to your default profile's colour.  The text in the editor and edit box changes in real time when you select a colour.


  • There is a toggle to disable all of the new colour settings in options (/mrp options), returning MRP to its former state with all white text. If you like it better the old way, use it!


  • Moved version number to bottom of tooltip to reduce clutter. You can turn the version information off entirely now in options if it bothers you.


  • Added a cut-off for long character names with titles (in-game names) to avoid stretching the tooltip too much.


  • LibMSP updated to v15. (Technical stuff - supporting the latest Mary Sue Protocol!)


  • Chomp updated to v6. (More technical stuff, thanks Bor for the Chomp update)


  • Not really a feature but the field headers are now purple instead of red. c:


Various Bug Fixes:


  • /mrp Show will now correctly take a plain character name without realm attached and load the profile as it did originally in Mists of Pandaria.
  • Fixed an issue with ElvUI causing RP names in chat to not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where in-game class was showing in all caps in the class field if a player viewed their own profile and didn't have a custom class set.
  • Localisation errors: VoidElf / BloodElf / LightforgedDraenei etc.. will now appear properly as Blood Elf.. etc (This is a very old bug, must have been around since .. well, forever.)