Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.0


May 23, 2006

Owner: Etarna

MyRolePlay v8.1.0.429 Patch Notes


(VERSION 429 UPDATE - I wasn't happy with the quality of the music selector box so I improved it both visually and functionally. Sorry for the extra update. Otherwise this is identical to 428). 


~~NEW FEATURES (with 428)~~

- Music support! MyRolePlay now allows you to set music to play alongside your profile, and hear others that have done the same. You can pick any of the currently available in-game music files. To access the music library, click the "Music" button on the profile editor. It includes a search box to make things easier for you to find.


    - You can preview your selection with the "Play / Stop" buttons.

    - If another character has music set with their profile, a small speaker button will appear in the top right in the profile viewer, next to the              close and private notes buttons. Click to play.

    - I've also included the option to auto-play music always on all profiles, if you wish. It's disabled by default to avoid annoyance, but if you want        it, go to the MRP options panel and check the box. (/mrp options).

    - To remove all music from your profile, click the "Clear Music" button.

    - Please be patient as most players will not have access to this yet until they update their MRP. TRP will support this system through MSP soon.


- Added the "Relationship Status" field. You can set your character's relationship status to one of 6 options. (Including one indicating you do not wish to say). Selecting "Taken" or "Married" will add a heart icon to your tooltip that other MRP users can see.


- Trial accounts will now be noted in the tooltip. If a player is logged into a trial account, green text stating <Trial Account> will appear below their name. This is to indicate they likely cannot reply to you in say or emotes, and you must friend them or whisper to communicate. Support is coming from other RP addons soon.


- You may now select individual chat channels you would like RP names to appear in, instead of all or nothing. For example, if you wanted RP names always to show in /say and /emote, but not /raid, you can do that.



- The MRP options panel has received a much needed overhaul and is easier to understand and more organised.


- After many years, the auto-profile change on changing equipment sets works once more.