Listen to and play music with nearby players. For the first time in World of Warcraft, your character can literally become a bard!

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Musician allows your character to play music that can be heard by the other players nearby, provided that they have installed the add-on as well. Any song file in MIDI format can be played. There are 24 instruments available including lute, harp, trumpet, violin, war horn but also drum kit and electric guitar. It's also possible to perform live music using your computer keyboard as a piano.

How to use

To listen to the music played by the other players, there is nothing to do but having the add-on installed. The music can be heard within a range of 40 meters. It's possible to block the music from specific characters using the player menu. If you have enabled the nameplates, a 🎵 icon will show up next to the name of the players who also have installed Musician. In addition, super cool musical notes will animate while playing!

To play music, click on the minimap icon to open the menu, select Import and play a song then follow the instructions. Songs can be saved in game using the optional Musician List add-on. To play live, click Open keyboard in the main menu. It's also possible to play with a MIDI keyboard using Musician MIDI.

There is a lot of other features. Check out the README and the Wiki to learn more. In addition, you can join the Discord server to get live support, share music, report bugs etc.


Useful links

  • Discord server – Get live support, share music or just chat with the growing Musician community.
  • Wiki – Detailed user guide, FAQ, tips and tricks to extend your gaming experience with Musician, music producer guide to make your own songs for Musician and technical documentation to create plugins.
  • GitHub repo – Contribute to the project or just have a look under the hood.
  • Patreon / Paypal – Support this useless and way too much time-consuming project.

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