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MuffinDarkmoonHelper makes a few things in Darkmoon Faire a little bit easier.

Right now it allows:

  • Single-click use of wrench on damaged Tonks
  • Auto-Accept Cannon Teleport(optional)
  • Auto-Pay for Cannon Teleport (optional) 

This is hard-coded to use the middle mouse button for now.


Please go to for support. You can register on the forum with a variety of Social Media accounts (including, so there is no need to create a new account.


Other Muffin Addons:

  • Achieve It - Creates many sub-categories in the default Achievement UI to organize things better
  • AutoBar - A set of bars with auto-populated buttons for items and spells
  • MuffinArchaeologyUI - All races on 1 screen and other Archaeology enhancements
  • MuffinFactionizer - Improved Reputation Tracking, Paragon Rep, and Emissaries
  • MuffinLibPTSets - Adds a number of great new sets to LibPeriodicTable
  • MuffinMOTD - Never miss your guild's Message of the Day again!
  • MuffinNoPvPTalentFix - Fixes the annoying "A new PvP Talent is available." popup


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