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    - Remove the hack for flyers in Dreanor now that we can actually fly there.
    - Fix the default macros TOC bump
    - Removed some debugging code.
    - Less call to UnitLevel("player")
    - TOC and version bump.
    - Added the new level 1 mount.
    - Do not select a profession mount unless the character has the necessary profession.
    - Attempt to fix a problem that occur when changing profile.
    - New default macro for druids that should work better.
    - Change the macro templates to put [swimming] before [flyable] since underwater is [flyable] for Blizzard.
    - Revert a change that didn't work for detecting mounts that are not usable if you do not have a certain profession level.
    - Prevent an error when no mount exists for a particular mount type.
    - Filter out unusable mounts like the mounts that require a certain profession level.
    - Now detect all zone changes.
    - Use the spell name instead of the creature name for the macro since sometimes they are different.
    - Typos.
    - There is a bug right now in Draenor that register the zones as flyable event thought we can't fly there. <f> tokens in Draenor will be considered <g> for now. <fg> will still gives both flying and ground mount.
    - Add a legend for the <token> used in the macro template.
    - Add a config to specify the weight for the class mounts.
    - Refresh the mounts list when a new mount is learned and when there is a modification to the favorites.
    - Added slash commands to call the option panel: /mountmacro or /mm.
    - More work on the configuration panel.
    - Add configuration panel.
    - Added AceDB for persistence management.
    - First version of .pkgmeta
    - Created the Libs directory and move libraries
    - Fix InCombatLookdown() typo.
    - Test for the glyph that makes the Warlock's Dreadsteed and Felsteed walk on water.
    - Implement zone change detection.
    - Fix version and keep only used dependency.
    - First commit, config is hardcoded.

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