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Mount icon gets stuck on my cursor

#71 By  duanefalk

Created May 20, 2021 Updated Jun 22, 2021



Love your app! One weird thing...

If I drag a mount icon off one of my bars, I can;t 'drop' it. It stays stuck on my icon. left click, right click, nothing removes it unless I reload ui, then it is gone. So anytime I want to swap mounts on my button bar, I put the new one on, the old one attaches to my cursor, and I have to reload ui to get rid of it. I CAN drop it into another button slot, but can;t drop it altogether. I use bartender 4 for button bars, but even after disabling that the issue remains.



duanefalk   added a tag
  May 20, 2021
Jun 22, 2021

That sounds wild. Usually an old icon should drop from the cursor with a simple right click. But that mechanic is not added or modified by MJE. It's already part of the game client. It could be that something else catches that right click. Maybe a hidden WeakAura or something?

We're going to find out. But first please try out some ideas to narrow down the cause of this:


- Is this also happening with MJE turned off?

- Does it only occur with mount icons or are regular spells also affected?

- Is this also happening with compact list turned on/off? (please also reload after each switch, just to be sure)

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