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Favorite mount per character

#63 By  TheOmniSora

Created Dec 18, 2020 Updated Apr 23, 2022


Ever since the update I keep seeing mounts that were favorited by a different character rather than the one I'm playing currently.
For example, my Warrior favorited the Ruby Panther while my DH did not, and it appears on my DH list.

Also the "Per character" option is enabled.

TheOmniSora   added a tag
  Dec 18, 2020
Mar 29, 2021

I've been experiencing this too - oddly it isn't every character this applies to.  It will randomly bleed my choices from one into a random alt.  I tend to put the class mounts on the list for each alt, and the monk mount will randomly pop up in my DK's list, even though it isn't actually available to him.

Dec 27, 2021

Has this bug been investigated? I'm experiencing the same thing. It's a real bummer because the ability to save favorite mounts per character was the only reason I installed this addon.

Dec 31, 2021

I could need a bit more information to replicate this behaviour. Screenshots or a short video of what's going on would be nice. (Don't forget to keep track of the option.)

Apr 23, 2022

Whats going on is:

Character A favorites 5 ground mounts

Character B favorites 5 flying mounts


login to Character A and you now either have all of character B favorites or a mix

login to Character B you might see the correct favorites till you change another character then you will have other mounts.


This is still a huge issue. I am tired of having to re-favorite mounts on my main and main alts

All characters have "Per Character" selected as well as "new mounts auto favorite"



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