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Since the Update for Shadowlands

#58 By  Pamme

Created Nov 17, 2020 Updated Nov 19, 2020


Since the addon was update for Shadowlands the mounts does not track right, i used to have 550 mounts on a paladin without count the aliance mounts, but count all the class mounts, and now does not count this mounts, since guildox and Wow Collect close, i've been use this addon to track the mounts, but now it does not work, any hope for a fix?

Nov 18, 2020

I have recently rewritten the personal mount count. That number should only count mounts, which your current character can actually use.

So yes, that number is different from what was displayed prior version 2.9.

For full background please read #51.

Edited Nov 19, 2020

Nov 18, 2020

But the wow achive does not count that way, my friend has 250 mounts in his warlock, but the achive is count 263, those 13 plus is the class mounts, wich became acount wide (count for the achive) since legion and aparently did change. The mounts that never count towards the achive was, the 2 lock class (vanilla), the 2 dk (lk) and the 3 pally (2 vanilla and 1 argent tournament), all the other mounts of the same faction count towards the achive wow mounts. And aparently since my friend has 250 mounts accord your addon and 263 in the achive in wow, seams that this did not change in SL.

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