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#48 By  eXochron

Created Jun 22, 2020 Updated Jun 22, 2020


You can already give your pets custom nicknames. That is currently not yet possible for your mounts.So let's add it!

  • - It should be possible to give a mount a name from the context menu of a list item.
  • - Of cause the name should be displayed within the list, along it's actual mount name. (Could be tight for compact list)
  • - The name should also be shown withgin the display (right side)
  • - You should be able to search for the nick name.

That alone would only extend your own interface a bit.


This feature would be more fun, if it can be seen/experienced by other players as well. So here are some further ideas:

  • - Every time you finish casting a named mount a little emote could be generatedm like: /me jumps into the saddle of his/her trusted companion Flaming Fury. (probably needs multiple variations.)
  • - Having the cursor over other MJE users could display an additional line like: "is riding on Flaming Fury" (similar to various RP addons)



eXochron   added a tag
  Jun 22, 2020

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