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Where have all the comments gone?

#35 By  GnuclearGnome

Created Jul 19, 2019 Updated Jul 20, 2019


(Channeling Peter, Paul, and Mary)  Where have all the comments gone?  Long time passing. Where have all the comments gone?  Long time ago.

Seriously though, what happened to the comments that used to be on the Description Page?

Jul 20, 2019

I deactivated them for now.


The comments are intended for general questions, compliments or a simple "Thank you". ... Well, that rarely happened.

Instead people were posting bugs with too short descriptions or without screenshots. Sometimes I simply can't reproduce some stuff so I have to check back. I'm not going to do that in the comment section. This is not a facebook page for complaints and customer support.

Don't get me wrong here. I need and want your feedback on problems, bugs or ideas you guys have. I'm really gratefull for most of your input. I just like to address those in an orderly fashion as ticket within an issue tracker. (Like this one. :)) Thanks


If you feel that the tracker is not the right place for your question or you just don't like to post publicly, you can also just write me a personal message. There are lots of other ways to reach me. I might be hard to find, but I'm not invisible.

eXochron   added a tag
  Jul 20, 2019
Jul 20, 2019

Cool.  I sympathize with your position and thank you for your answer.  I dislike not having the ability to ask a question or see others' questions and any answers to the same.  I've gotten the information I needed on many occasions just from reading the (semi-)recent posts in the Comments section on various addons.  Private Messages would not provide this ability.  However, I acknowledge your right to control the manner in which you desire to receive feedback.  I've given you some feedback in the past and will continue to due, when needed, via a ticket.  Thank-you for a well-designed and functioning addon and keep up the good work, it is appreciated.  :)

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