Mount Journal Enhanced

This addon extends the ingame mount journal with extra features.

In Action


  • new: Spend all your Skyriding Glyphs with one button click (Retail only)
  • Support for Cataclysm Classic
    • also adds again Summon Random Mount Button
  • Filter mounts by an extended source, colors, faction, type, family or expansion
  • Filter unusable or unwanted mounts
  • Display mounts which are actually hidden by the game (TCG, PvP, secrets etc.)
  • Sort mounts by name, family, type or expansion (or in reverse)
  • Saves filter options
  • Double click list entry to summon mount
  • Compact mount list
  • Move equipment slot into display or top button bar to save some space (Retail only)
  • Display count of character specific mounts
  • Display mount related achievement points
  • Freely rotate display camera around mount
  • Trigger /mountspecial of your mount or within the display
  • Browse through mounts with Up/Down arrow keys
  • Right Click on scroll buttons to quickly go to the top or bottom
  • Track, display and sort by your usage statistics
  • Shows mount rarity. (Retail only)
  • Favor all filtered mounts at once or unset them all
  • Save favorites per character
  • Auto-favor new learned mounts
  • Resize the journal window
  • Works with ElvUI
  • Set own notes for each mount. They're displayed within mount tooltips and the journal display.
  • Change the display background to a static color
  • Toggle the mount journal via the addon compartment (Retail only)

Fixes also

  • the ridiculous fly in animation of the rider
  • broken mount links

Help wanted

  • Have you found any bug or do you have some suggestions? Please let me know in the issue tracker on GitHub or Curseforge.
  • Is your language still missing some texts? You can help to localize the addon into your language on Curseforge.
  • Are you interested in developing addons as well? Then come join me at GitHub. Don't worry about not knowing LUA. It's easy to learn. ;-)