Mount Journal Enhanced

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Mount Journal Enhanced

2.20 (2022-10-23)

Full Changelog Previous Releases

  • 2.20
    With the new UI a lot of changes happend under the hood in 10.0. This version adopts some new concepts, which also allowed to drop some internal restrictions and hacks. These were in place to prevent taint spreading. Taint can result in errors like "Action blocked by Addon". These errors might now reappear again. So if you encounter some, please report it. :) (Ideally with how you got it.)

    • new scrollbox system with dataprovider
    • new settingspanel handling
    • UI: sort and filter by Rarity (gh#65, cf#82)
    • UI: colorize names based on Rarity (cf#82)
    • UI: sort option for dragonriding mounts
    • db: updated for 10.0 (some data still missing)
    • lib: updated AceGUI, HereBeDragons and Taintless

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