Mount Journal Enhanced

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Mount Journal Enhanced

2.11 (2021-02-14)

Full Changelog Previous Releases

  • 2.11
    This release is mainly about stability and performance. Thatswhy I'd like to explain what changed and why.

    • Previously the UI of MJE was intitialized directly after Blizzard_Collections was loaded. That usually happens, when you open any collection window the first time. I wanted to delay the UI initialization, so MJE wouldn't delay any login or reload any further than necessary. But a lot of 3rd party addons depend on Blizzard_Collections and therefore enforcing it to load during login. Consequently MJE got loaded as well. With this version I'm using a new event based approach, which is triggered when you actually open the Mountjournal the first time.

    • In the past months I got a few bug reports with weird error messages about blocked function calls in windows outside of the scope of MJE. That can happen through tainted code execution (read here). Way back that wasn't an issue for MJE. Yes, it caused taint within the Mountjournal. Since that taint stayed within the MountJournal and no secure function got called there, it wasn't a problem and allowed me to freely hack the Mountjournal. In some recent WoW-patches that taint started to spread throughout the UI until it caused errors. So I've rewritten most of the addon and replaced the mount list with my own. The hooks at the C_MountJournal-Api are removed and replaced with an internal mapping. Overall I'm now confident that no taint of MJE spreads on it's own again. [cf54, cf57, cf62, cf67]

    • The rework also paved the way to some performance gains within the addons filtering and sorting functions. [cf53]

    • Sadly there is a drawback. The refactored mount list doesn't integrates yet with ElvUI. I hope that I can restyle it again soon. In the meantime you can upvote my ticket on ;)

    More changes are:

    • UI: fixed height of dressup button

    • UI: moved settings wheel to the right

    • db: added families to Snowstorm and Lucky Yun

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