Mount Journal Enhanced

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Uploaded Jan 24, 2021
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Mount Journal Enhanced

2.10 (2021-01-24)

Full Changelog Previous Releases

  • 2.10

    • filter: added filter for mounts, which are hidden by the game (secrets, pvp ...) [cf16, cf24]

    • filter: replaced ingame search with own filter

    • sort: added sort by usage statistics (if tracking setting is enabled) [cf44, cf45]

    • sort: added unusable after usable

    • sort: removed setting for more sort options

    • UI: added right click on scroll buttons to quickly scroll to top/bottom

    • UI: rearranged mount count a bit for more space of english label

    • UI: nicer icon for learned time

    • UI: fix for radios in list dropdown menu

    • UI: nicer settings button

    • UI: show only hidden filter if you actualy have hidden mounts

    • UI: fix for scrolling down with cursors and enabled compact list and moved equipment slot

    • library: added UI-fix for collection portraits

    • fix for index mapping with out of bound index [gh #43]

    • removed 9.0 migration

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