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MoreItemInfo allows you to add useful informations about items in the tooltip. Currently only RPPM but i have plan to add other useful information.

Don't hesitate to go on the [SimcMinMax] Discord to ask about specific stuff.

Whre does the data comes from?

All data comes from Blizzard API and client Data.

The simulationcraft team built powerful tools to extract all kind of data and all of it is automatically extracted and added into the addon.

If there is hotfixes in game, you will just have to update the addon to get the latest data.


Currently available data

  • Spell 
    • ID
    • RPPM
  • Item 
    • ID
    • Spell ID
    • RPPM
  • Artifact 
    • Artifact ID
    • Spell ID
    • RPPM


Known issues and developement plan

  • Add more data to the addon
    • TextureName/ID
    • Spell OnGCD
    • Spell TickTime
    • Item deck of cards
    • Item BonusID
    • Item GemIDs
    • Item enchantID
    • Item relicID
  • Add a panel to enable/disable data in tooltip
  • Add notifications when data changes
  • Cleanup and make all that data available through a Lib





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