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MogIt is an in-game catalogue of transmogrification items with the aim of helping players build their own sets!


Indicators for items that you own by default does not work for items stored in the void storage. Installing the following addons allows for the current character's void storage to be taken into account:

To enable searching of all characters' inventories (including equipped, bag, bank and void storage items) for owned items you have to install the following addons:

Installing the alpha versions may be necessary, as the release versions might be outdated.
Once installed, you will need to open your void storage once to allow DataStore to register its contents.
If you are using the Altoholic addon you should have these addons installed already.

Void storage support may also be enabled by using the BagBrother data, used by addons like Bagnon and Combuctor.


Check out these plugins to expand your MogIt collection!

  • Armorkinis - For those who like to show a little more skin
  • Armory - Transmog sets from thousands of randomly selected players
  • Sets - Item sets from dungeons, raiding and PvP
  • Roleplay - Adds roleplay items to the MogIt database
  • Mounts - Mounts
  • Companions - Companion pets
  • Pets - Hunter pets


Got some feedback to send us? If so, please post it in one of our Curse forums below:

  • General - A place for comments, sharing outfits and transmog discussion.
  • Suggestions - Tell us how can we improve MogIt!
  • Bug Reports - Post here if you found a bug or need help.


I'd like to thank the following people for helping MogIt become what it is today: