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3.7.0 beta information

Hello everyone. Listen up good!


This marks something of a new era for MogIt, but not necessarily for the better, depending on which features you appreciate.


I have uploaded a beta version including the new automatic database system. I don't intend to (re)add more features than this version has, unless I forgot something. I'm talking about this specific update, that is. I am mostly looking for bug reports, though I already know a few things that probably will have some issues. Namely, certain things involving localisation.


Please do not report issues that still exist. I will ignore that, (because there is no need to report them again) unless it has not been previously reported. I want to know what this update broke. Read on for known issues and working-as-intended things.


So, what's going on here?

Well, as I said from now on we're using an automated database system. This means two things mainly.

The first is, Legion items are now in, and future items will be automatically added as soon as you log in. That's the good news. The bad news is some database detail will not be included from now on. Color sorting and certain filters, for example. These won't be coming back.


How do we use it now?

The details are slightly complex, but basically you simply log in to store everything you can see in the default wardrobe while on that character. If you then log in to a different character, you can see everything your character can use in addition to the items you just stored on the previous character.


We use the same data as the default wardrobe, which is why some filtering options and tooltip detail have been removed. This means we are at the mercy of Blizzard's UI developers. If any data pertaining to the actual database is wrong, in most cases you can blame them!


Faction and class filtering are probably a bit unintuitive, but I don't know of a better solution right now. How it works is when you log in on for example an alliance rogue, everything that that character sees in the wardrobe gets stored in the MogIt database, and gets flagged as usable by alliance and by rogues. That means if you try to view horde eligible items, you won't see anything if you didn't log in to a horde character to identify which items horde characters can use, even if you discovered them on an alliance character. Same goes for classes. You can't view druid eligible items even though you discovered leather items on your rogue.


This also poses another issue that I at first did not foresee, in that if you try to view a category of items that your character can't use, you normally wouldn't see anything, because the default filter setting is to view only your own class' items. I alleviated this by hard enabling all class filters when viewing a category that you can't use. It's not great. I don't like it, but there it is.


As some people have gathered, the reason it has taken this long is due to lack of motivation on our side, and that may or may not get worse in the future. It already took us a few weeks or more to update the database in the past. Obviously this new system required some compromising, and I'm not really happy about that, but the old system is extremely unlikely to return, so basically it's either this or nothing.


I may or may not be looking at a rewrite of the internals and the UI in the future, but the core of the database system will remain the same.


TLDR: Legion items are here, but at a cost.


Happy mogging.