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Filename MizusRaidTracker-v0.25-2-Beta.zip
Uploaded by Shadnix
Uploaded Dec 22, 2010
Game Version 4.0.3a
Size 291.63 KB
Downloads 228
MD5 dbbea87c9c161e9057b4ba983da3fb30
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0.25-2 Beta - Changelog:

  • The EQdkp-Plus XML export now additionally exports boss names
  • Changed LibBabble-Boss-3.0 reference for Omnitron Defense System to Omnotron Defense System
Bug Fixes:
  • EQdkp-Plus XML export: Fixed a bug which may produced wrong timestamps for boss attendees, if the attendance fix for the RLI was disabled

0.25 Beta - Changelog:

  • Added new export format: DKPBoard
  • Added backwards compatibility to older WoW clients (Version 3.x). MRT should now work on chinese clients
  • Added functions to resume the last raid. You can finde the resume button in the raidlog browser
  • The guild attendance check text is now customizable
  • The EQdkp-Plus XML export now additionally exports item notes
  • Added options for automatically ignoring enchanting materials and gems
  • Added BossID of Magmaw
  • Renamed option "Enable MRT" to "Enable automatic tracking" to clarify its use
  • Changed boss kill detection of the Conclave of Wind from BossID based to bossyell. Bossyells for english and german clients are available (Thanks to Rhial for the german yell).
  • Updated frFR translation (Thanks to Cindelle and Deepking)
  • Updated zhTW translation (Thanks to wushiny)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug, which may caused a reset of the "delete raids older than x days"-slider back to 90 days

0.24-2 Beta - Changelog:

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed starting conditions for scanning of the guild roster. The guild attendance check should now work correctly again.

0.24 Beta - Changelog:

  • Added zhTW translation (big thanks to wushiny)
  • Added Cataclysm raid zone names and boss IDs
  • Added option to use a trigger for the guild attendance check instead of the character name
  • Added basic chat filtering. MRT will now supress any whispers, which are handled by the guild attendance check. MRT will print a status message, when anyone added someone as a boss attendee. This should reduce whisper spam and make MRT compatible with WIM.
  • Added UI button for starting a guild attendance check. (Same effect as '/mrt dkpcheck')
  • Added new slash command '/mrt deleteall now' for deleting the raid log. (Use with caution - there is no extra "Are you sure?"-dialog)
  • Added option to disable AutoFocus of the loot popup dialog. (Three options: Enable always, disable when in combat, disable always)
  • Added option for automatic deleting of old raid entries. (Use with caution)
  • Added option to export boss names and zone names in english.
  • Added a minimap icon (disabled by default - use the options panel to activate it)
  • The tracking options panel were split up into two new panels ('Raid tracking' and 'Item tracking')
  • Rewritten the CTRT-compatible export once again. It should be a bit faster. (but not by much)
  • Renamed CTRT-compatible export to "EQdkp / MLdkp 1.1 (CTRT compatible)"
  • Raid zone translations are now handled by LibBabble-Zone-3.0 - they shouldn't need a manual translation anymore.
  • Enhanced boss ID based kill detection: Boss events with multiple mobs and a shared health pool are now trackable with a boss ID. An automatic rename system have been implemented in order to provide correct naming for such boss events (e.g. Prince Keleseth -> Blood Prince Council)
  • Localized boss event for trash mob loot before the first boss
  • EQdkp-Plus XML is now the default export format
  • The player information of the EQdkp-Plus XML export is now sorted by player name
  • EQdkp-Plus XML Export and CTRT-Export: When exporting a single boss, MRT will now set the timestamp of the previous boss (if not available, then the raid start) as raid start.
  • Revamped functions for recovering a tracked raid after a relog or normal disconnect. It should be now more fault tolerant regarding lags.
  • Updated frFR translation and boss yells (thanks to Cindelle and deepking)
  • Updated koKR translation (thanks to 7destiny)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed sorting error of the raid attendees list (Ticket #16)
  • Fixed missing parent for a tooltip (Ticket #18)
  • Deleted an old, invalid script handler (Ticket #21)
  • Fixed enUS boss yell of Runemaster Molgeim (Iron Council - semi mode)
  • EQdkp-Plus XML Export and CTRT-Export: Fixed a bug in the code for the code in the boss attendee fix for the Raid-Log-Importer

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