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Filename MizusRaidTracker-v0.25-Beta.zip
Uploaded by Shadnix
Uploaded Dec 12, 2010
Game Version 4.0.3a
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MD5 e56e53a4c65fda5a8931cada059d28ec
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0.25 Beta - Changelog:

  • Added new export format: DKPBoard
  • Added backwards compatibility to older WoW clients (Version 3.x). MRT should now work on chinese clients
  • Added functions to resume the last raid. You can finde the resume button in the raidlog browser
  • The guild attendance check text is now customizable
  • The EQdkp-Plus XML export now additionally exports item notes
  • Added options for automatically ignoring enchanting materials and gems
  • Added BossID of Magmaw
  • Renamed option "Enable MRT" to "Enable automatic tracking" to clarify its use
  • Changed boss kill detection of the Conclave of Wind from BossID based to bossyell. Bossyells for english and german clients are available (Thanks to Rhial for the german yell).
  • Updated frFR translation (Thanks to Cindelle and Deepking)
  • Updated zhTW translation (Thanks to wushiny)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug, which may caused a reset of the "delete raids older than x days"-slider back to 90 days

0.24-2 Beta - Changelog:

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed starting conditions for scanning of the guild roster. The guild attendance check should now work correctly again.

0.24 Beta - Changelog:

  • Added zhTW translation (big thanks to wushiny)
  • Added Cataclysm raid zone names and boss IDs
  • Added option to use a trigger for the guild attendance check instead of the character name
  • Added basic chat filtering. MRT will now supress any whispers, which are handled by the guild attendance check. MRT will print a status message, when anyone added someone as a boss attendee. This should reduce whisper spam and make MRT compatible with WIM.
  • Added UI button for starting a guild attendance check. (Same effect as '/mrt dkpcheck')
  • Added new slash command '/mrt deleteall now' for deleting the raid log. (Use with caution - there is no extra "Are you sure?"-dialog)
  • Added option to disable AutoFocus of the loot popup dialog. (Three options: Enable always, disable when in combat, disable always)
  • Added option for automatic deleting of old raid entries. (Use with caution)
  • Added option to export boss names and zone names in english.
  • Added a minimap icon (disabled by default - use the options panel to activate it)
  • The tracking options panel were split up into two new panels ('Raid tracking' and 'Item tracking')
  • Rewritten the CTRT-compatible export once again. It should be a bit faster. (but not by much)
  • Renamed CTRT-compatible export to "EQdkp / MLdkp 1.1 (CTRT compatible)"
  • Raid zone translations are now handled by LibBabble-Zone-3.0 - they shouldn't need a manual translation anymore.
  • Enhanced boss ID based kill detection: Boss events with multiple mobs and a shared health pool are now trackable with a boss ID. An automatic rename system have been implemented in order to provide correct naming for such boss events (e.g. Prince Keleseth -> Blood Prince Council)
  • Localized boss event for trash mob loot before the first boss
  • EQdkp-Plus XML is now the default export format
  • The player information of the EQdkp-Plus XML export is now sorted by player name
  • EQdkp-Plus XML Export and CTRT-Export: When exporting a single boss, MRT will now set the timestamp of the previous boss (if not available, then the raid start) as raid start.
  • Revamped functions for recovering a tracked raid after a relog or normal disconnect. It should be now more fault tolerant regarding lags.
  • Updated frFR translation and boss yells (thanks to Cindelle and deepking)
  • Updated koKR translation (thanks to 7destiny)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed sorting error of the raid attendees list (Ticket #16)
  • Fixed missing parent for a tooltip (Ticket #18)
  • Deleted an old, invalid script handler (Ticket #21)
  • Fixed enUS boss yell of Runemaster Molgeim (Iron Council - semi mode)
  • EQdkp-Plus XML Export and CTRT-Export: Fixed a bug in the code for the code in the boss attendee fix for the Raid-Log-Importer

0.23-3 Beta - Changelog:

Bug Fixes:
  • Added workaround, which should prevent rare cases, where 25 player raids were tracked as 10 player raids.

0.23-2 Beta - Changelog:

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed missing item costs in the EQdkp-Plus XML export
  • Updated a few koKR boss yell translations

0.23 Beta - Changelog:

  • Added dropdown menu to the loot popup for changing the looter.
  • Added UI dialog for adding raid attendees
  • Added new export format: CSS based HTML with wowhead links (contributed by Kevin)
  • Added new export format: EQdkp-Plus XML
  • Added new export format: MLdkp 1.5
  • Added API for notifying other addons about loot changes (for API documentation, check the API-Pages at CurseForge.com)
  • Added API to let other addons handle the loot cost (for API documentation, check the API-Pages at CurseForge.com)
  • Added a workaround to the CTRT-compatible export for the EQdkp-Plus Raid-Log-Import to enable correct importing of raid attendees tracked via the guild attendance check. (For DKP-systems based on per boss attendance)
  • Added the same workaround to the EQdkp-Plus XML export
  • Started ruRU UI translation (thanks to rinaline)
  • Added frFR UI translation (big thanks to Cinedelle)
  • Added koKR boss yells and UI translation (big thanks to 7destiny)
  • Revamped emote based boss kill detection. Iron Council kill detection is finally back.
  • The loot popup now reacts on keys 'Enter' (for Ok) and 'Esc' (for Cancel)
  • Removing a player from the raid attendee list will now also remove that player from the boss attendees lists for the corresponding time window.
  • The boss attendee table now also displays the number of boss attendees
  • Added 'bank' and 'disenchanted' as selectable items to the dropdown menu of the 'Add item'- and 'Modify item'-dialogs
  • All export functions now ignore items, which are marked as deleted
Bug Fixes:
  • UI now correctly prevents deleting the current raid.
  • The CTRT-Export should now always export a valid raid end time, if a running raid is exported.

0.22 Beta - Changelog:

  • Added new export format: BBcode formatted text with wowhead links
  • UI 'Add/modify'-dialog: Added a dropdown menu with a list of available players.
  • Added boss detection for Iron Council (Molgeim last) and Algalon on german (deDE) clients. (Thanks to Früchtchen)
  • Added localization files for esMX, koKR, ruRU, zhCN, zhTW. Zone name translations are included. This should provide basic tracking support for the corresponding WoW-Clients.
  • Updated frFR localization (Thanks to Cyliah)
  • MRT now supports data exports of a running raid.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a lua-error which occured at the very last part of the Lich King fight. Because of that, the kill detection for the Iron Council (Stellbraker last) is deactivated once again, because both bosses use the same emote. This will be fixed in the next release. Hopefully. (Ticket ID 13)
  • Fixed an issue with the CTRT-Export, which produced a wrong time format on Mac system. (Ticket ID 6)
  • Fixed a lua-error, which occured, if data of a raidmember wasn't available at scan time.

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