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Filename MizusRaidTracker-v0.21-Beta.zip
Uploaded by Shadnix
Uploaded Oct 20, 2010
Game Version 4.0.1
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0.21 Beta - Changelog:

  • Added support and a complete UI translation for spanish (esES) clients (a big thanks to Hestrall, who translated 90% of the addon). (Note: Boss yells for Halion, Horde Gunship Battle, TotC bosses and Ulduar bosses are still missing. For specific boss support, see the translation status page at CurseForge.com).
  • Added buttons to the GUI for starting and ending raid tracking manually.
  • CTRT-Export: added a workaround for a problem with an unknown EQDKP-RaidImport-Plugin (probably the "RaidTracker Import"-Plugin by d23)
  • Updated german (deDE) translation (thanks to gOOvER)
  • The localization files are now created automatically by the CurseForge-Packager. If there are any issues, please report them.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Algalon kill detection for english (enUS / enGB) clients
  • Fixed Iron Council - Steelbraker last kill detection. Again. Hopefully.

0.20 Beta

  • Added regularly check for PlayerDB and delete unused entries.
  • Added a LibDataBroker data source for opening the raidlog and the options panel
  • 'Add Bosskill' dialog: Deleted the user dialog, which asked, if raid attendees should be copied to the boss attendees list. This is now done by default. Since raid attendee data takes priority over boss attendee data since v0.17, having this optional didn't make sense anymore.
  • Updated deDE translation.
Bug Fixes:
  • Changed layout of the boss kill table slightly. The last column shouldn't cut off anymore.

0.19-3 Beta

  • Added very basic support for french EU-clients (Gunship Battle, Dreamwalker, Blood Prince Council and Halion kill detection will not work)
Bug Fixes:
  • The CTRT-compatible raid export shouldn't export duplicated player exports. This should fix an issue with the Raidlogimport-Plugin for EQDKP-Plus
  • Updated NPC ID conversion for Patch 4.0.1 (should fix boss detection)
  • Updated item string handling (Patch 4.0.1 issue)
  • Fixed positioning of a few strings in the options panel (Patch 4.0.1 issue)

0.18 Beta

  • Added support for loot notes. Extra input fields have been added to the loot dialog, the add item dialog and the modify item dialog.
  • The loot list of the raidlog browser got an extra column for a loot note symbol. The loot note itself will display as a tooltip on mouseover.
  • Added option for using server time instead of local time.
  • Added option for disabling the automatic creation of a new raid entry after changing raid zones.
  • Added item tooltip support for the loot dialog.
  • Raidlog browser: Modifying and deleting items don't require a selected boss event anymore.
Bug Fixes:
  • When a running raid changes zone to Archavons Vault, MRT should now end tracking correctly, if tracking of AV is disabled.

0.17 Beta

  • Added option for disabling boss based attendee data for CTRT-export (if you only create one raid entry for each raid in your EQDKP(-Plus) and make corrections to raid members manually, you might want to activate this option)
  • Added checks to prevent exporting of an active raid (raid data is incomplete until a raid is finished)
  • Added option for disabling the confirmation box for an attendance check.
  • Rewritten large parts of the CTRT-Export. Raid attendee data now take priority over boss attendee data. This should fix the Join/Leave timestamps and provide correct information for time based DKP systems (Thanks to Omega for pointing that out)
  • Disconnecting players are now treated as leaving players, if "Track offline players" is disabled.
  • In 10/25 raids, players moved in groups >2/>5 are now treated as leaving players, if "Track only first 2/5 groups" is enabled.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed nasty bug, which could enable previously disabled options (please check your settings in the option menu)

0.16 Beta

  • Added option for changing the slash command. (Please relog after changing)
  • Added option for changing the currency of the text based export formats.
  • The RaidLog browser will now save the last selected raid event and boss event (unless new raid/boss events are tracked).
  • The RaidLog browser will now show raid loot, if a raid event but no boss event is selected (the title of the table will change accordingly).
  • Changed localization files for supporting the CurseForge localization system.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed boss detection of the horde gunship battle (ICC - untested)

0.15 Beta

  • Added two new export formats: plain text and BBCode formatted text (choose your export format in the options panel)
  • Added new option panel for export options
  • CTRT-Export: Added option for automatically adding one item of poor item quality to each boss at data export. This should fix a bug in the EQDKP-CTRT-Import-Plugin boss detection. Boss detection fails, if no loot is connected to a boss event (i.e. attendance checks).
  • Added settings for text export
  • Added function to make a snapshot of the current raid composition
  • Added slash command for taking a snapshot (/mrt snapshot)
  • Added GUI button for taking a snapshot
  • Changed slash command handler to work with uppercase and mixed upper-/lowercase commands
  • Changed DataExportFrame to support multiline export data
  • CTRT-Export: Optimized the length of the export string
Bug Fixes:
  • Some manually added boss events were saved with wrong difficulty
  • Fixed export-error, which happened if extended information in playerDB is missing

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