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Filename MizusRaidTracker-v0.19-Beta.zip
Uploaded by Shadnix
Uploaded Oct 13, 2010
Game Version 4.0.1
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Downloads 64
MD5 3fdcc5e9507e6cfb284842ab112dfee7
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0.19 Beta - Changelog:
    * Added very basic support for french EU-clients (Gunship Battle, Dreamwalker, Blood Prince Council and Halion kill detection will not work)
    * Updated NPC ID conversion for Patch 4.0.1
  Bug Fixes:
    * The CTRT-compatible raid export shouldn't export duplicated player exports. This should fix an issue with the Raidlogimport-Plugin for EQDKP-Plus

0.18 Beta - Changelog:
    * Added support for loot notes. Extra input fields have been added to the loot dialog, the add item dialog and the modify item dialog.
    * The loot list of the raidlog browser got an extra column for a loot note symbol. The loot note itself will display as a tooltip on mouseover.
    * Added option for using server time instead of local time.
    * Added option for disabling the automatic creation of a new raid entry after changing raid zones.
    * Added item tooltip support for the loot dialog.
    * Raidlog browser: Modifying and deleting items don't require a selected boss event anymore.
  Bug Fixes:
    * When a running raid changes zone to Archavons Vault, MRT should now end tracking correctly, if tracking of AV is disabled.

0.17 Beta - Changelog:
    * Added option for disabling boss based attendee data for CTRT-export (if you only create one raid entry for each raid in your EQDKP(-Plus) and make corrections to raid members manually, you might want to activate this option)
    * Added checks to prevent exporting of an active raid (raid data is incomplete until a raid is finished)
    * Added option for disabling the confirmation box for an attendance check.
    * Rewritten large parts of the CTRT-Export. Raid attendee data now take priority over boss attendee data. This should fix the Join/Leave timestamps and provide correct information for time based DKP systems (Thanks to Omega for pointing that out)
    * Disconnecting players are now treated as leaving players, if "Track offline players" is disabled.
    * In 10/25 raids, players moved in groups >2/>5 are now treated as leaving players, if "Track only first 2/5 groups" is enabled.
  Bug Fixes:
    * Fixed nasty bug, which could enable previously disabled options (please check your settings in the option menu)

0.16 Beta - Changelog:
    * Added option for changing the slash command. (Please relog after changing)
    * Added option for changing the currency of the text based export formats.
    * The RaidLog browser will now save the last selected raid event and boss event (unless new raid/boss events are tracked).
    * The RaidLog browser will now show raid loot, if a raid event but no boss event is selected (the title of the table will change accordingly).
    * Changed localization files for supporting the CurseForge localization system.
  Bug Fixes:
    * Fixed boss detection of the horde gunship battle (ICC - untested)

0.15 Beta - Changelog:
    * Added two new export formats: plain text and BBCode formatted text (choose your export format in the options panel)
    * Added new option panel for export options
    * CTRT-Export: Added option for automatically adding one item of poor item quality to each boss at data export. This should fix a bug in the EQDKP-CTRT-Import-Plugin boss detection. Boss detection fails, if no loot is connected to a boss event (i.e. attendance checks).
    * Added settings for text export
    * Added function to make a snapshot of the current raid composition
    * Added slash command for taking a snapshot (/mrt snapshot)
    * Added GUI button for taking a snapshot
    * Changed slash command handler to work with uppercase and mixed upper-/lowercase commands
    * Changed DataExportFrame to support multiline export data
    * CTRT-Export: Optimized the length of the export string
  Bug Fixes:
    * Some manually added boss events were saved with wrong difficulty
    * Fixed export-error, which happened if extended information in playerDB is missing

0.14 Beta - Changelog:
  Bug Fixes:
    * fixed path of lib-ScrollingTable (embedded library) (Ticket ID1 and 2 - thanks to Kanjou)

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