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Filename MizusRaidTracker-v0.81.1.zip
Uploaded by Shadnix
Uploaded Jan 21, 2019
Game Version 8.1.0
Size 428.62 KB
Downloads 1,123
MD5 8226721de3cf80e1d9ef4c7ce004b0a3
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tag a80769556650c4a29016b56e50452933c4de88e5 v0.81.1
Author:    Mizukichan <mizukichan@arcor.de>
Date:    Mon Jan 21 14:39:26 2019 +0100

Tagging as v0.81.1

commit ba504be27eb8f9cde5af162ddacbf29e66ddabcc
Author: Mizukichan <mizukichan@arcor.de>
Date:   Mon Jan 21 14:39:02 2019 +0100

    Added tracking for Battle of Dazar'alor

commit 1abdf987ed8853664dc7b38feba280ebc6e16b10
Author: Mizukichan <mizukichan@arcor.de>
Date:   Sun Dec 16 18:12:23 2018 +0100

    Updated translation credits

commit 571d3ea6b0833a7ea16baacca6693095ae37a4ce
Author: Mizukichan <mizukichan@arcor.de>
Date:   Sun Dec 16 17:28:40 2018 +0100

    All raid exports will now remove the server name from the player name, if the player was on the same realm as the raid tracking player.

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