View all your artifacts progress, and solve them in one compact frame. Also you can view all your artifact history neatly sorted by race, and a list of dig sites. You can left-click the keystone button to attach keystones (or right-click to remove), or if you prefer there are options to automatically use keystones! You can monitor the artifacts progress, or how close you are to the fragment cap.

Recent changes


  • Companion: implement optional artifact progress bar with optional tooltip and solve on click (enabled by default)
  • Companion: add option to hide solvable artifact if it's not related to the nearest digsite
  • History: implement total sold price display for race statistics (by Delrik via GitHub)
  • Implement map pin scaling option
  • Fix issue with auto-waypoint sometimes not selecting the closest digsite
  • Fix Companion not always hiding properly in combat
  • Fix Nerubian issue with digsites on Eastern Kingdoms


  • History: implement race statistics (can be hidden)
  • Companion: added optional skill bar (enabled by default)
  • Fix max rank in Cata pre-patch
  • Fix main window popping up the wrong time when autoShowOnCap is enabled
  • Fix history refresh (mostly, blizzard API sometimes reports the wrong data)
  • Fix remember window state functionality
  • Fix lua error: attempt to index field 'skillBar'
  • History: fix completed counts
  • Companion: fix keystone count when canceling solve
  • Fix lua error after solving artifacts


  • Navigation: new option to ignore hidden races when creating waypoints (disabled by default)
  • Companion: grey out survey button when spell can't be casted
  • Companion solve button: prioritize solvable artifacts over nearest available
  • History: Fix lua error and history list not loading on first try
  • Main Window: Show profession bar until expanion's max skill level is reached
  • Fix missing race data for digsites


  • Updated for Cataclysm Classic
  • 10.2.8 Options menu restructured, clarified race related settings
  • fixed a lua error (attempt to index local 'artifact')
  • fixed race related options
  • fixed companion showing hidden races

For past changes, visit the Changelog page on GitHub.


The Companion is a tiny little customizable frame that currently includes the following features:

  • Distance tracker when surveying
  • Auto-waypoint button
  • Survey spell button
  • Solve button for solvable artifacts
  • Crate button
  • Each button can be disabled manually and their order is fully customizable

The companion itself can also be fully disabled.

Upcoming features

The following features are planned for Minimal Archaeology in no particular order and without ETA:

  • Detailed, customizable DataBroker tooltip
  • Dig site icons on flight maps
  • Option to ignore dig sites you hate


/minarch shows available commands

Useful Macros

Use this in combination with the auto-hide feature

/cast Survey

/minarch show


Any Bug reports/Comments/Suggestions/etc are appreciated.

For feedback, please use the project's issue tracker on CurseForge.

Please open a new issue if you are experiencing bugs, and include as much detail as possible. Make sure you didn't miss the known issues section, and check open issues before you create a new one.