Minimal Archaeology

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Minimal Archaeology

Latest Version


  • All Window states are now remembered upon relog/reload, unless the "Always start hidden" option is enabled

Known issues

  • Main window auto-hides after solving an artifact, even if there's another solve available

Recent updates


  • Window buttons in the main window are now toggles
  • Hiding MinArch windows in combat is now optional
  • Alt + clicking on the minimap icon now hides all MinArch windows


  • Replaced relevancy toggle button with a collapse/expand button
  • Added a Crate button that glows when you have an artifact in your inventory that you can crate
  • Windows now automatically hide in combat, and auto-show after combat if they were visible
  • Fixed a lua error thrown when opening certain UI panels


  • You can now toggle relevant races in the main window based on 3 customizable settings: proximity, continent/expansion, available to solve
  • Added item icons to the history window
  • Added a quest icon overlay besides the race icon which has an available legion archaeology questline
  • History window automatically switches race when solving an artifact
  • Moved around some settings into submenus, added buttons for them in the main settings menu
  • MinArch windows should now stay behind vendor or other npc related windows
  • Main window delays updates if the player is in combat, fixing combat lockdown lua errors


  • TomTom integration: you can now set TomTom waypoints directly from MinArch. Also, there are two new options for creating automatic digsite waypoints
  • Opening the history window in a digsite will now list projects related to that digsite
  • Added an option to auto-show the main window, when a fragment cap is reached with one of the races
  • DataBroker button now follows MinArch fragment cap settings
  • Optimized World Map overlay icons


  • Minimal Archaeology is now DataBroker compatible
  • Archaeology skill bar is now immediately displayed when a new skill rank is learned after being maxed out
  • Spear of Rethu is now correctly appears in the list of Highmountain Tauren artifacts
  • History window race buttons code completely rewritten, normally you should not notice any difference
  • Optimized CPU usage
  • DataBroker button now properly shows amounts when a keystone is applied
  • Minimap button should no longer behave oddly with minimap button addons
  • DataBroker button should now update properly when settings changed or keystones clicked
  • History window updates should now be more reliable

8.0.8 -

  • History window now indicates which artifact is available from the current Legion archaeology questline
  • Auto-show main window in dig sites, on survey, and/or when a solve becomes available
  • Added an option to show more detailed debug messages
  • World map overlay icons are now immediately show/hide when dig sites are toggled on the map
  • Changing settings profiles should now immediately apply the changes


  • Settings menu revamped from the ground up with profiles support (Your old settings should migrate automatically)
  • Right clicking the minimap icon now correctly opens MinArch settings
  • Added item tooltip for keystones in the main window
  • Keystone count should now update when the player withdraws them from the guild bank
  • Fixed dig site icon misalignment after talking with certain flight masters
  • Fixed Archaeology skill progress bar background
  • Fixed cap for Drust and Zandalari fragments
  • The ping sound now correctly plays when there's a solve available (if sounds are not disabled)
  • Fixed an issue caused by the default archaeology UI reporting wrong fragment counts


  • Fixed a display issue with the progress bars in the main window
  • Dig site zone/subzone is now correctly detected and updated (subzone is only updated when digging)
  • Map overlay dig site icons are now working correctly (they now respect pan and zoom and they're hidden if the dig sites (shovel icons) are hidden
  • Fixed dig site race data for some sites with the wrong race
  • Added missing dig site race info


  • Added Battle for Azeroth continents to the dig sites window
  • Corrected the maximum number of fragments for all races
  • Dig sites should now start filling up the dig sites window on all locales (replaced LibBabble DigSites with a custom solution)
  • Fixed zone name detection for newly discovered and active dig sites
  • Added option to show/hide world map overlay icons next to dig sites (they're now hidden by default)

  • Fixed an issue with continent detection in the dig site window


  • Fixed dig site detection for english clients (work in progress for other localizations)
  • Fixed hiding the archaeology skill bar on max skill level
  • Added support for Zandalari and Drustvari dig sites
  • Fixed dig site window continent tooltips
  • Fixed artifact bar refresh issues
  • Fixed sort order for some history items


  • Added an option to toggle Minimal Archaeology status messages in the chat (messages are now hidden by default)
  • Made some internal changes to the code related to artifact bars, you should not notice any difference

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