MiniMapLine Add-On

World of Warcraft's minimap add-ons are great for showing you treasures, rares, and other custom icons; but all that content can make it hard to see which direction your character is pointing. With MiniMapLine, a line is added to to your minimap pointing in your current direction. The line is visible in all outdoor areas, but due to a restriction imposed by Blizzard, the line cannot be shown in any instanced content (dungeons, raids, arenas, etc.).

Screenshot of MiniMapLine showing on the WoW MiniMap


  • Install the Mini Map Line add-on using CurseForge or any other add-on manager.
  • Customize the default thickness (2px), color (white), and opacity (0.4) in Options by using the /mml command.
  • If you're using a square minimap shape, select Square in the /mml options to have MiniMapLine adapt its length to the edge of your minimap.


Created by Peter Wooley. Based on Greenwolf_Wildhammer's great Red Arrow add-on