MiLVL is a personal gear comparison addon that determines whether an item is an upgrade when you hover over it, and places information about that determination in the tooltip

The tooltip information aims to provide an accurate "At-a-glance" suggestion as to whether or not the item is an upgrade for you, based on your gear, talents and group composition (Potential buffs and debuffs).

MiLVL works by reading your talents, looking at the gear you currently have equipped, as well as which piece of gear you would be replacing and compares them to the stats on the item being hovered.

After determining your race, class and specialization, MiLVL will build a list of the items you currently have and the stats that gear provides.

When you hover over an item, MiLVL attempts to make an accurate guess at how equipping that item will effect your stats, as well as any relevant caps you need to achieve.

MiLVL Features:

  • Item Scoring 
    • MiLVL now attempts to score text effects of On Use and On Equip Trinkets. When the effect is successfully scored, a red * is added to the text.
    • Two-Handed Weapon to Main-Hand/Off-hand combination comparison
  • Upgrade Suggestions
  • Cap calculations for Hit, Crit, Haste, and Expertise 
  • CTC (Combat Table Coverage) Readout for Tank classes.
  • Gem suggestions
  • Reforge Suggestions
  • Display for Base Item Level
  • Configurable - Turn on or off each feature of the addon, via the Interface options.

To-Do List:

  • Remove options from the Options Menu that are no longer relevant.
  • Add Haste threshold for relevant classes.
  • Improve Hit /Expertise behavior when near cap
  • Socket Bonus Analysis - Unlike WotLK, there are now rare cases where the socket bonuses can exceed the value of a single color gem with your best primary stat. I intend to improve Gem Suggestions to cover this.
  • Meta Gem Analysis - Needs to be updated to include new gems.
  • Add Time Is Money Goblin Racial information.
  • Add speculative Hit / Expertise Cap information to tooltip.
    • For Example: If you equip this item, you will be above / below cap by X amount.

Known Issues:

  • Goblin Racial (Time is Money) is currently not detected.
  • No individual enchant information or analysis. MiLVL detects stats added by enchants, but does not analyze or suggest changes. When MiLVL compares items, it compares them assuming no gems or enchants are present.
  • Tier Set bonuses are currently not scored, and have no effect on an items value.
  • The text effects of Relics, Librams, Totems and Idols are not scored, and have no effect on an items value.  
    • In the above 2 cases, static stats are still valued and calculated for an items score, but due to these issues, they may be undervalued or scored incorrectly.

      Written by Welbutrin on Old Blanchy-US / Mankrik-US

I am actively working to discover and correct issues. Please let me know if you discover any discrepancies or errors.