Militant Call to Arms

3,369 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 9, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0

Militant Call to Arms will display active bonus queues in a compact and lightweight fashion. Dungeons with active bonuses will display in a list beneath the draggable header frame. Once the queue has ended, they will disappear.

What does it display?

  • Random Heroic Dungeon
  • Timewalking
  • All wings of Legion LFR


  • This only displays queues for level 110, and there are no plans to make it backwards compatible currently. More configuration options and features may be added soon.

This addon will not actively scan for queues while in combat.


  • Want to help me localize this addon? Send me a PM on curse or leave a comment and I will contact you!


  • /mcta - Toggle the display
  • /mcta config - Display the configuration options.

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