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- fixed lua error on note click
- Some Freehold Deckhands have returned from their short island vacation
- New Dungeons: Mechagon - Junkyard and Mechagon - Workshop
- New Awakened features including special draggable npc frames, animated lines, weekly rotations and more!
- Added many new helpful tooltips to buttons in the User Interface including the Live Mode Button
- Added pre-zoomed and pre-panned default views for sublevels where only a certain part of the map is relevant
- Added smooth panning for the map frame
- The toolbar will now be expanded by default and will remember if the user collapsed or expanded it
- The enemy info frame will now update the health values if the dungeon difficulty is changed
- MDT will set the map to the current dungeon after entering a new dungeon for the first time and opening the AddOn
- Fullscreen mode now also properly supports more narrow aspect ratios
- Users can no longer resize the AddOn-window in such a way that the draggable areas become unreachable.
- Added a new warning label to indicate if the dungeon difficulty is currently set to a level below 10
- Improved loading times for maps that include a very large number of enemies
- toc update 80300
- fixed an error that could cause the AddOn to stop loading properly in certain presets
- fixed a few visual bugs in the difficulty slider and count display
- Hide and don't count beguiling mobs for keys < 10
- Users can no longer drag the AddOn window unrecoverably off screen
- Siege G39 Updates
- MDI mode reaping updates
- Clarified notes on random spawn void emissaries in Underrot Void week
- fixed an error when switching affix weeks during live mode
- adjusted chat link handling to not break community invite links
- Underrot Hotfixes: Removed Void-Touched Emissary 1. Added notes for spawning behavior changes for Void-Touched Emissary 2+3.
- TOC update 8.2.5
- Fixed a issue with live mode in cross realm groups
- New Feature: Live mode - connect with your party members to work on presets simultaneously.
- MDT now uses a better compression algorithm when sharing your presets ingame and via export strings. Clients below v2.9.0 cannot accept presets that have been shared with the new compression algorithm.
- Greatly Increased the speed at which presets are shared to party members.
- Deleting all presets of a dungeon just got easier! Shift click the delete button is enough.