Mercenary Buddy

1,168 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 18, 2015 Game Version: 6.2.2

Mercenary Buddy

Becoming mercenary means obiouvsly that your race will be changed to one of the opposition faction as soon as you enter the battlefield, as such, your original racial skills will become unavailable until you exit and they will be removed from your action bars.

Since this behavior is annoying as hell and even if you don't use this feature often, you'll find yourself sooner or later smashing an empty keybind you forgot to fill with the new racial.

To make it painless I started coding this addon with the hope to make a realiable set of macro placeholder for any racial being available at any time, that's mean after you create the addon's macro you can place your racial in your action bar and when becoming a mercenary the addon tries its best to automagically change them with your new racial skill avaliable as mercenary.

After Install: Game Menu > Interface > Addons > Mercenary Buddy > Create Macros Three macros will be created named MercenaryBuddy, put them in your bars.


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